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About 5 years ago, rumours were around hinting at a new supercar positioned between the 911 and 918 Spyder. Some dubbed it the "914.5", coming from the mean of the two model numbers. Unfortunately, such a car hasn't yet arrived, and I plan to solve that problem.

This will be the true "Dream Porsche", taking features from both the 918 Spyder and the 911 Targa. It will combine the hybrid all-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering of the 918 with the iconic rear-mounted flat-6 engine and roof of the Targa. Here are my definite features:

  • Flat-6 engine mounted in rear
  • 8-speed paddle-shifting manual gearbox (connected to piston engine, driving rear)
  • Fake electric motors "driving" the front and rear (as in the 918)
  • Full independent suspension with camber angle, castor angle and adjustable ride-height (independent adjustment for each wheel). Not sure where the ride-height controls will be - probably under the front hood.
  • 4-wheel steering (as in the 918) operated by the steering wheel.
  • Opening hood and locking doors.
  • 2 seats inside.
  • Folding roof modelling the 911 Targa's mechanism.

Here are features that I might add if I have enough space and parts:

  • Brakes - not sure how these would be operated if they get added.
  • A PF Large motor and battery box to drive the front axle. Like the 918, the front is single-speed. Unfortunately, the only RC stuff I have is MINDSTORMS, which would be too bulky for this.
  • Opening rear revealing the engine.

The car will be 1:10 scale - considerably smaller than the 911 GT3 RS from LEGO. I haven't started building yet - I still need to add a couple of finishing touches on my current build. However, most of the "technologies" (such as an 8-speed gearbox and adjustable suspension) already exist in my current build, so this will likely be finished by mid-July.

UPDATE 1 (03/07/2016): Paddle-shifting mechanism and steering wheel mount

Having dismantled my previous build, I have built this compact steering wheel mount with an integrated paddle shifter.


The two levers on either side of the steering wheela are paddle-shifters. They shift when pushed inwards. Here is a side view:


Each paddle makes a lever move downwards and hit the cross-shaped element. I initially used a knob wheel, but it was too small for the lever to make it advance far enough. When the lever extends, the cross rotates about 75 degrees before the lever blocks it from going any further. When the paddle is released, the lever retracts and allows the cross to rotate the final 15 degrees. The paddles have rubber bands to make them return to their original position when released.


The part with the wedge-belt wheels can slide a short distance. It too has rubber bands - this makes the cross "snap" to the nearest 90 degrees and provides the turning force for the final 15 degrees of rotation. There is also a universal joint - this is connected to the steering wheel.

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