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Donnie Bricko

[M - A06] The Heart of the Lava Flows

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Location: A06 - Guinevere

Tags: Exploration, Engineering

My first mission back I was dispatched to Guinevere. Objective, build a mobile research platform for our scientists and gather several samples from the heart of the lava. After several days I've amassed several samples but my scientist has yet to arrive. Well I keep climbing and gathering, grueling work but well worth it.




- D

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Sweet build! I love the sense of danger it conveys through the lava, sheer cliff face, and intense exp<b></b>ression of the figure!

The cliff is pretty great! The bit where the studs show could have been covered better, but that's not a big deal as its only a small amount and from a certain angle. The angles you got are quite nice and realistic.

The pools of lava are a really nice touch. They work very well in the scene. The lava carrier is a pretty nice vehicle too! :grin:

One critique I'd make would be that the ground surrounding the cliff might be a bit too flat. It doesn't match the rocky cliff face in those regards, but I suppose it could just be a flat patch.

Great work! :grin:

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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