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Hi guys,

I guess it's still the 25th somewhere on the dark side... of the moon :grin:

So here goes, part II of Oleon's side of the build-off with Namere.


“A fresh lemon scent.” That was all that the crew of La Recouvrance noticed when they arrived at their rendezvous point with Scimitar and Commerce de Breshaun. Nothing else. The ships were gone. Other crews had reported seeing a ship flying a changing set of flags, causing them to run, since only pirates would change their flags to unlawfully prey on ships. And several reports hinted at an involvement of the Namerians, so Granoleon decided to have the ambassador in Balmin launch an investigation. The Royal Court knew the Namerians were opposing any trade relations with the Marderians, and would offer letters of marque to anyone to interrupt trade routes. But there hadn't been any trade between Oleon and Mardier in years, so should the rumors of an Namerian involvement turn out to be true, seizing both vessels would have been an act of piracy, not to be justified by any letter of marque!

So a private investigator was hired to shed some light on the mysterious disappearance of the two ships and Namere's role in this story.

The investigator's first stop were the docks in Balmin. But so far he has had no luck finding any traces. But suddenly... could it be? A fresh lemon scent! It's a start. But will it lead somewhere?





Thanks for watching :classic:

C&C as always welcome!

Vive le Roi!

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Nice entry !

I hope you're sigfig is not too drunk. Investigation is just begining and he might need all his concentration. pir_laugh2.gif

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Something similar was my first idea as well :p Glad I didn't do it, as this is very beautifull :)

But I don't get it why the Scimitar still has the Oleon flag flying... pirate_sceptic.gif

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