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They call those who ride them "rednecks". But while you may ponder whether the setup like this is an overkill or not, a pickup mounted on 10' wheels is a thing to remember no matter the circumstances.



► forward/reverse drive

► separately-driven L6 turbocharged Diesel engine with moving pistons and cooling fan

► steering

► differential and gearing for speed

► simplified cockpit with steering wheel and IR-receiver seats.

► opening cab doors and hood

► exhaust stack

► details such as radiator with grille, front and rear lights, bull bar and reinforced bumpers, roof rack with extra floodlights, rear view mirrors, desert safety flag and fenders


42030 C-model, uses more than 80% of set's parts (loose assumption). 42 studs long and heavy. Despite its weight and only one XL motor as means of propulsion, it has a quite decent speed - it picks up (pun intended) a huge momentum - and an impressive turning radius. Engine is separately powered by L motor.

Steering is much like in a video game, where both reverse and brakes are controlled by the same button. Unsuspected bonus: by accident, the bed is perfectly shaped to hold the RC control unit which consists of two RC pilots with a standard RC-car additions.

The set's M motor lies dormant, waiting to be used on some extra function I can't currently come up with.

It'd be hard to craft the instructions in LDD, but I'll try one day.


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And a little video I made:

Wow, it's horrible. Not lots of room in my apartment + bad quality cam + hands occupied by both pilot and camera = C-Movie for C-Model :grin:

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