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[M A06] The Razor Wastes

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Location: A06 Guinevere

Tags: Exploration, Land Vehicle


It is nice to have some time off to explore the previously unexplored regions of Guinevere. Hopefully we learn some answers about who sabotaged the holodeck and stole my memories. Something doesn’t feel right. I haven’t heard from Chogg in several months, Hawk went missing and wont tell anyone where he was, and Starstriker was just laid to rest.


For now it is nice to fly over the Razor wastes in my scout speeder. The shimmering crystals seem to form in the coolest parts of the planet. The molten gold underground reacts with the cool minerals on the surface to create the sky blue spires. The structure of the crystals create a sharp blade that doesn’t dull. They are sought after by MANTIS operative to create personal survival knives. Because of the nature of the terrain the only access is by air speeder. I might pick up a shard for myself before I head back to base.


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I never would have thought to use that piece as part of the terrain, but they look great, especially with all the odd angles, very organic. It would be nice to see a fuller terrain around them, but I'm guessing that's just a time issue (you know, not like I'm ever guilty of that :innocent:)

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