Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

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Hi All,

Use the link below. I cobbled this together from my parts purchase spreadsheet, my notes on this thread and my actual build. It is not from a page by page reconciliation, so it should be 99.9% correct. If anyone finds any error, please let me know and I will incorporate the fix. It includes the parts for the @churcholo stand and removes only the Trans-Clear parts for the original stand. You will have the plates that make up the bottom of the original stand as extra. Always good to have some extra parts. Have fun!

Found an error. Link updated 7/29/19.


BTW - The half barrel (4424) from this link will require some drilling. I used a drill bit that fit comfortably into a pin connector. It worked perfectly.

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Thanks so much @rockpig! Having @churcholo's stand incorporated is especially helpful.

I've already started ordering, and in the name of cost I am going to try a few used parts, just no tiles, clear parts, or Technic pins. Looking at your notes I see you saved some cost with used parts too. Were the parts you received in decent condition?

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You are welcome, Sir.

I can't say this enough. Churcholo's stand is the only reason I decided to make this build.

Build only as much as you have to with the stands to get the two halves together. Then go back and fill in the details. You'll find it less frustrating.

Yes, the used parts were received in great condition. At the time I purchased them, they were just not available new or very expensive in new condition.

Feel free to ask any questions about the spreadsheet.

Enjoy the build.


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Yeah, so I don't know how to get my image on here from Imgur, but I finally finished! Was able to gather all of the parts for about $550 from local Bricks and Mining locations. I spent way more than I needed though because I got impatient and spent about $300 of that on Bricklink....Lesson learned haha. Insanely awesome and creative build @mortesv and thank you for the instructions @Cjd223!!! Now I'm off to build some GR-75 transports ;)



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On 4/22/2017 at 6:05 PM, churcholo said:

Hi @rockpig,

I uploaded the DLL file to my personal server, it's a pleasure to share it with the community, you can download it here:


I finished today to order the pieces for my Nebulon-B version and I was able to spend "only" 500 euros (400 euros + shipping costs for 14 sellers all around Europe), included the pedestals I designed. To keep the costs reasonable I had to make some litle modification though, the major one was to convert the green part of the ship to gray because those green bricks are extremely expensive and rare.

I'll post some pictures once I'll finish to build it.


Hi, is there also a manual for the stand??




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