Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

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Hey @Azrielsc,

That's exactly what I mean!

Thanks for the tips; I have also put extra bricks in several places now to support the weight.

It seems to be exactly 3 bricks high.



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Thanks @m4st3rt3ch & @Midlife-crisis. There’s actually quite a back story to my journey, if you’re interested in knowing, here it is.


My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in late June 2018, though I’m happy to say the prognosis was good. She’s through the treatment now, but as you can imagine, it was a rough road, lots of chemo and radiotherapy. All she could do was focus on herself and the treatment, so it fell to me to look after our three young boys and keep things going while tending to my usual load.


It was during this time that I first heard of Lepin. Curious, I checked out their website and dove straight in to their Star Wars catalogue. Most of the sets they sell are straight rip-offs of Lego ones, so when I saw the Neb B it stood out. Curiously, there was a video attached, but the Neb B in the video wasn’t the same as the one they were selling, in fact, it was much better.


Turns out the video Lepin were using was the one @Cjd223 had posted on YouTube. I wanted to know more about the design so I started searching the web and eventually found @mortesv  pictures posting the whole fleet. That really got the juices going. With all that was going on at the home front I decided I really needed a distraction for myself.


I’ve collected a lot of the UCS models myself and decorated my older boys bedrooms and play areas with them, but my younger son hadn’t been as well attended to, and he loves Star Wars and Lego more than his brothers. So it was the rebel fleet for him. I tracked down the instructions through Rebrickable, and then here at Eurobricks (NEWB me hadn’t heard of either at this stage), I had about 60%+ of the parts already, so I hit Bricklink hard and away we went.


I decided I wanted to replicate the Empire scene as close as possible, so I studied the closing scene repetitively. I’ve even tried to position the ships as close as possible to where they are in the scene, which wasn’t easy given the minimal depth of field in my display. And before anyone says it, yes, the galaxy is technically on the wrong side of the fleet, some artistic licensing was needed .


There have been some great additional ship designs put out there, but I’ve opted to stick with the Neb-B, Falcon, Transports, Heavy Tanker, X-Wings and Y-Wings from that scene. The only ambiguous addition is the Corvette. Personally, I don’t think that is the Corellian Corvette in that scene, but I’m happy to pretend it is. It’s an iconic ship design and a great scale offering from @mortesv.


The backdrop is a shot of M31 (Andromeda Galaxy) from the Hubble site, I got this printed on self-adhesive wallpaper. I built five timber panels, cut out slots for shelves for the ships to sit on, applied the print, fitted the shelves, and bolted the thing to the wall. It's 3m long by 1.2m high.


I made one small modification to the Neb-B to eliminate the need for a stand under the spine and to brace the ship. On the backside of the spine I attached 4 black right angle technic arms. Between the arms are 4 black technic bricks (1x10's, sitting perpendicular to the spine) with 4 more black right angle technic arms at the opposite end, which are screwed to the background panel. This effectively supports the weight of the ship and gives it lateral support so there’s minimal risk of it falling forward.


I would have loved to add lights, especially for the engines of the larger ships, but I've run out of steam for now. I even spoke to Rob at Brickstuff about this, he’s keen if anyone wants to pursue this with him.




Firstly, a big thanks to @mortesv for sharing this amazing and inspiring design. You put a lot of time and effort into this and I know I speak for everyone when I say, we’re grateful you chose to share the design so we could be part of it too. One of these days I’m going to cease to be amazed and accept that just about anything can be designed and built from Lego, but not today.


Secondly, @Cjd223, thanks for all the work you did converting the designs into a workable PDF instruction pack. Some projects can be worked well enough from LDD files, this wasn’t one of them.


I’d also like to acknowledge @ecmo47, my redesign of the Falcon and X-Wings were based on his mods, as was the mod to the Neb-B thermal pod. Thanks to @churcholo for the front pedestal design. Thanks to @bricksmarlin for the pictures of the Heavy Tanker which I used to reverse engineer its design on LDD, as well as his redesign  of the  Y-Wings, which I largely adopted. And finally, thanks to @Lobot for providing the directions to the Hubble shots where I sourced the M31 Andromeda picture. I appreciate some of these designs might have been sourced by the above from elsewhere, if that is the case, my hat is off to you unknown legends, the above is just acknowledging where I sourced my inspiration from.

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