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Kodan Black

[O - H06] From Farmolis to Fascini

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Location: H06 Farmolis

Tags: Land Vehicle



Unfortunately, I had to depart Farmolis for The Fascini Cluster an asteroid orbiting Farmolis. However, I left Raylan with Dr. Allison and they decided to go into downtown Farmolis City and enjoy some of the nightlife. We are very lucky to live in a time when people from all different groups can come together and enjoy a fun time out. I was glad that Dr. Allison could take him out for a fun night out so he wouldn't be bored by himself.


Meanwhile I had headed out to inspect one of our latest research/monitoring stations on one of the larger asteroids in The Fascini Cluster orbiting Farmolis. I used one of the little service vehicles aboard the ship that took me out to the asteroid field to reach the location. It wasn't very big, but the information we obtain from stations like this one help us refine our Awesomnium location and collection process. And if there is one thing Dr. Long espouses it is efficiency!


**Not trying to get too political, just figured I could work in something from real world into my storyline **

Extra Pics:



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Thoughtful build. :classic: The station is quite nice, and I love to see those old crater baseplates! So jealous. :wub: the nightclub is simple but works. The eyes are a cookie touch, and it fits the vibe of Pombe's Octan club scene! :laugh: Our characters are indeed lucky to live in a world where human diversity is readily accepted and we can coexist peacefully, only really caring about Corporate affiliation. :classic:

Great build! Keep up the good work! :grin:

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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It is my fleet blocking you and I don't mind you building there so I would let you keep it. It was also a problem with the map so it was hardly your falt. I say you can keep it for now and I will talk to Bob but I don't think there is a programed rule about the fleet. (Also, the fleet isen't acrually there in the software so it shouldent be a problem)

Oh, you said Farmolis. Yes, it could be moved there (they must have a moon or something for your outdoor scen)

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