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Simple town car - 76057 style - LDD MOC for my Brother

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This model was inspired by the taxi in set 76057. (Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle) The car features a longer frame and bigger wheel wells, along with other new details.


Instead of yellow, the car can be built in red or black. Blue is also possible, but requires changing the roof part to light bluish gray as well.


Moving onto the rear of the car, you will see that it has been lifted almost entirely from set 76057.... it was just perfect the way it was designed.


The inside of the car an seat one mini - figure driver.


I built this model for my brother so he can have more vehicles for his town, which is made up of medium size CREATOR buildings. This is supposed to be his car, and this is his mini figure. (mini figure not included in LDD file)

LDD file for the car only: http://www.moc-pages...1465907518m.lxf

comments, questions, and complaints welcome!

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