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[M-B05] The Raven’s Nest

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Location: B05 Above Marpacia aboard Project Star Lord en rout to Hyreal

Tags: Military Building, Spying


27389457112_e1fe6576df_m.jpg - Here we are. Raven’s office.

27389457112_e1fe6576df_m.jpg - Right. Lets get to work. Hand me the listening device. You should go see if you can get anything off the computer.


27389457112_e1fe6576df_m.jpg - Do you know what the password might be?


27389457112_e1fe6576df_m.jpg - I always used 12345 and that seemed to do the trick.

27389457112_e1fe6576df_m.jpg - Really? People really used that?


**Access denied**


27389457112_e1fe6576df_m.jpg - It’s not good. She must actually use a decent password.

27389457112_e1fe6576df_m.jpg - Fine the device is up and working. Let’s get out of the ship before it reaches Hyreal. We are passing Marpacia now.

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Ha! I'm NOT surprised Raven has a better password than that! :laugh: of all the people in AG, she is the one I'd expect to have the most complex and secure password. Shocking you even got into her nest, but she is away from office this week. :look::laugh: great simple but elegant build. :classic:

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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