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Best way to sell big part of my lego collection?

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Hello guys

The main reason I like lego is because it is nice to use as decoration, so l've got some lego sets on shelves, but the rest is just sitting in containers and I'm thinking of selling these parts.

How would be the best way for me to sell these parts? The most parts are from sets which might not be complete (I used a couple of pieces for my bricklink lego star wars UCS Star destroyer and death star).

How would you go about doing this?

Thanks for all the ideas, and sorry if this is not the appropriate forum, but I don't know where else to post this.

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You could try posting a photo in the buying and selling subforum and seeing if there is any interest.

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You really have to say what you mean by best.


Highest value

Less sorting for you


If you want best value, then you need to sort into sets and sell sets individually, which may take time.

If you want fast, then weigh the parts and sell them as incomplete bulk unsorted lots, which will get you least value.

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