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Hello, Eurobricks.

I wanted to post this page because a few days back, I FINALLY managed to get a 4x8 train motor, so I could motorize the engines on my Lego Helicarrier. But when I put in all the power function accessories, the lights came on, but the rotors barely spun for a second.

I was wondering if anyone else had motorized their helicarrier, and experienced a similar problem. If so, do you have any solutions to how on fix the problem?

Thank you,


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I've put the M motor inside the Helicarrier last week and tested it during an exhibition. The result is that the turbines worked during 5-10 minutes before slowing down and stopping and the lights still on. I switched off the battery during 20 minutes and restarted. Again, 5 minutes OK then stop.

I decided to open the bridge to check the motor and I saw that when you switch on the battery, due to the torque, the motor is going crooked. The white pin is for me guilty because it's too loose. I'm making some tests to improve this.

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