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Isengard is attacked!

• Includes 2 Ents whose Treebard and an Ent from the set Orthanc (10237)

• Merry and Pippin

• 3 Orcs of Saroumane

• The protective wall of Isengard

Treachery of Saruman aroused the fury of the Ents of Fangorn Forest. Led by Treebard, Ents attack Isengard and its wall. But to reach the tower where Saruman is hidden,

Ents must pass the obstacle of the fortification.

So it is with stones and Rocs that the wall eventually relented to let the trees. But beware, the orcs Saroumanes are on the lookout and strongly resist!

The Moc mobilized more than 700 pieces. Ent from the set Orthanc (10237), is launching a rock on the walls of Isengard in the aim of eliminating the orc of Saruman.

It lies in the background.

In the foreground we can see Treebard, Merry (not visible) and Pippin who throws in his way a rock.

The wall chipped and provides an opportunity for revenge against Saruman.

This is an episode of the war of the ring I wanted to represent: unusual that between Ents and Saruman.

The quote makes reference to the tell by Treebard before attacking cited of the magician in the movie: The Two Towers.


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You should have tried to make this modular with the Isengard set :wink:

Nice build!

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