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David FNJ

[M - A06] An Unexpected Friend?

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Location: A06 Guinevere

Tags: MANTIS, spying


Double D's log 46: Before I could report about my findings and get a group of MANTIS operatives to explore the mysterious building on Illustria, I was sent to Guinevere of all places. I was to find out why MANTIS operations have been slow to the West of the volcanoes because Kawashita now has the competitive advantage of gold mining, and we aren't sure why MANTIS equipment isn't as effective as it should be. It's not like we're in conflict in Kawashita, even the CEO noted the planet's apparent peacefulness.

So far the outposts we inspected were running at full capacity, and the employees had high morale, so we moved further West towards the GU-Labs and Weapons Center.

From a distance it was immediately apparent is that there had been an attack of some sort on the facility! What's more, sand was beginning to dust the surfaces of....well, everything! That means it had been like this for quite a while now. There were flags of black, white, and azure blue, and canisters of matching color in various places, but MANTIS equipment seemed to be scattered around almost as if for survival. Then I noticed helmets used by Kawashitan forces. Before my rage could surface, I heard the distinct voice of the Kawashitan general whom I retrieved planned fleet paths from back on Crentium.

"Be very quiet and cautious with your steps, or you will be found by the Alien."


"No, the Alien. This destruction you see, it is the Alien's doing. The azure canisters you see, it's the Alien. Now that you've entered the GU-Labs complex, you're trapped with us."


To be continued!


Woot! I finally have a story arc going!

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And a very attention grabbing story arc at that :thumbup: Great sand covered look with the bits of lime showing and nice sci-fi details scattered about :classic:

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First off, super build! As always, it's stylistically flawless, and perfect. The gathering sand is well conveyed. It looks like it's sweeping across the light grey tiled floor as I type!

Second off... holy cap this story is frightening. I love it! Reminds me of Alien. Very concerned for the characters! :devil:

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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