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Captain Green Hair

ENTRIES: Pimp your IMTP ship!

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Well here's my entry, it is a coastal ship used for guarding and ferry duty's.

She has 4 cannons and can hold a crew of five.


The front, showing the figurehead.


The cannons and the storage compartiment.


A birds eye.


The side.


And the stern.

Since i can

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So, Lady's and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, here's my entry:

The sidewheeler "La Gloire" build by the empire of France can run both on steam and sail.

It is a small but fast ship that can be used for a variety of naval tasks.

It's built in a black and white color scheme with a bit of brown.

Here we see the ship on a secret mission for the emperor somewhere near the North Pole.

* Special thanks to Legeaux who's ship 'Guerre de Roue' was a big inspiration. The design of the sidewheels is based on his brilliant ship.







==> Gallery: All the pictures <==

Feedback is appreciated in the Pimp your IMPT ship discussion thread.

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Here is my entry, this is also my first Pirates creation.

It is a little ship with a crew of friends. They just travel together for fun. (Fun: searching for a treasure)




Sorry for this blurry picture *wacko*


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The Blade

The Evil Captain Phred has finally gotten a ship to terrorize the seven seas! >:-)

A special thanx goes to Col. Whipstick for making the large flag and the small flag of me ship. *sweet*

A crew of nine are packed in this little vessel. It's lateen rigged so that it can more easily harness the wind to catch its prey or to out run Imperials. The figurehead is holding a large blade and a plunger. ;-)



There are two 18 pound carronades on sliders that can fire from either side of the ship.

They fire the same sized shot as the standard cannon only their range is a lot shorter,

but when this ship gets within range, its got the same broadside as the Black Sea Barracuda or the Imperial Flag Ship. There are also four small swivel cannons on the railings of this ship. They move left and right, and up and down. X-D


Here be the Evil Captain Phred and some of his blood thirsty crew! Some say that my navigator is related to Legeaux, but i fail to see the resemblance.


Here's First Mate Stick! The first time he has been shown in one of me MOCs.

I question his ability to handle that funny lookin blade, but he insists on using it. :-D


Here's a top view of the ship w/out the crew that shows the easy accessibility of the cargo area in the front and the aft cabin. Here is better pic of the aft cabin.


There are more features to this ship too. The steering system is fully functional on this ship. The grappling anchors on each side of the bow also raise and lower independently with the small capstan right behind the mast.

Here is a pic of the whole crew.

The Photobucket Gallery

Edited by phred

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Hai Java

I present the Hai Java a junk under the captain Piranha, Pirate lord of the pacific , used as a light rum transport and attacking merchant ships.

Features that can be found

- Six 15 pound cannons

- 2 Swivel

- Maiden Wench Figurehead *wub*

- Orient Rear Design

- Oriental Sail with cringes

- Rum Cache toward the main mast

- Weapons rack by rum cache

- Cannons are low, to pound other ships waterline

The Overall pic


An aerial View showing the cannons and crew


Close-up view of the pirate scum


Figurehead and Frontal View, holding a glass and a drgaon


Rear view with Design, unique to the ship, handed down from a Maharajah


Picture of Steering Deck with rudder control Bar and me in pirate attire X-D


Thanks to tyger for the minifig decals :-)

More Images in Gallery when public

Hope you enjoyed! Until Next time me mateys, Harr

Drink up me hearties, yo ho!! X-D

Pimp On!

Edited by Piranha

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Finally, I'm done with the sails, and time to post! I christen thee the Ruby Renegade, commanded by Lord Hammilton Rick II.


The fantastic crew of the ship


The figure head


the rear with the rudder


the interior with the treasure


Pirates just want to have fun X-D !


think before you vote! ;-)

Edited by AgentRick57

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So you want to be a pirate, eh matey? Ye've come te the right place!

Each time a man escapes from jail, a cruel slave-master or a nagging wife and thinks of setting out to sea, El Bacalao gives him a call. Since 1645, this ship has prowled the Windward passage, selling its Piratical wares to new recruits to the brethren.

A Pirate has lost his sword? No problem, El Bacalao comes sailing into Tortuga and for a shiny 20 coin, it can be his. What's this? An Imperial is deserting in Port Royal? Harr harr! A Bicorn hat 'll do ye fine - we'll make a cap'n out o' ye yet, laddy buck! Narr, it can't be! Captain Roger has lost his Parrot in Kingston! A king's ransom in gold it'll cost ye there! Lucky fer you, El Bacalao is just around the corner, laden with piratical merchandise.

Although normally confined to the Caribbean, this ship has been seen to stalk ships sailing out of eBay, in order to make scurvy dogs out of the underarmed and underclothed sailors that man the dusty ol' ships!

I give you El Bacalao, Piratical suppliers since 1645!

A fine ship 'tis - a single sail enough to outrun the Imperials scum! The lookout, a deserter from the East India company, keeps his eye on the horizon for potential customers, whilst the cap'n models the latest fashion to the world.


A tiller is enough to steer this fine ship, with ropes securing the bottom corners of the sail, allowing it to rapidly unfurl to flee angry customers. Oh aye, we sell it all to any takers, even those Islanders - a fair few monkey's they've had from us. We don't quite know why they keep running out... :hmpf: Such disrespect to our produce!


Lookee there! Maps, telescopes, hooks, peglegs, hats, compasses, rum - and ye wonder where they get it all?


Pests are not tolerated on board this ship - pet rats belong strictly to the castle and HP folk!


A fine figurehead, almost lifelike...


And our hull.


Ye can see more of how our fine shipwright built it here

I hope ye enjoy this fine ship!


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My entry for the Pimp Your IMTP Ship.

My ship is a small French scout vessel. It is around the age of 1700-1750. It has 4 cannons, 2 sailors, 4 marines, and a captain to control it. It's sails are paper and copied from other small ships.


Overall View










Birds Eye


Yep that is all.


Edited by Captain Ka-Boom

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How dare you run a contest at the same time as mine?! |-/

You leave me no choice but to enter yours! >:-(

Take that, Captain Green Butt:


My ship has come all the way from the Orient to trade at the IMTP...




Ha ha! Who needs your custom sales when I can make my own?? :-P I was a theater major and we had to take costuming, so I took out some cotton duck and a needle and thread and a quick "whip-stitch" later, voila! Custom sails. I don't know much about ships, so maybe someone will be kind enough to tell me what these particular types of sails I made are called. :-$ Now back to needlessly taunting Captain Green Hair... X-D


Here you see the fine wood detailing, the fishing nets and some of the goods our friends plan to trade at the IMTP...


They get quite a lot of shotguns in trade for this bamboo...


more detail shots of the hull... it is called a hull, right? 8-|

Ha! :-P Now I dare you to enter my Neighborhood Contest, Captain Green Beans...or are you chicken? :-P Bok bok bok!! You grow up. Bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok!!!

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This is my first MOC ship. I'm pretty pleased with it *sweet* It's a small Barbary Corsair galley, called Seville Burning. Here it is:


The figurehead:


The back:


The deck, which contains two light cannon:


On the other side is a small working anchor:


The cabin, where the captain can make and look at maps, and eat and drink:


The deck can be easily removed to reveal the rowers, lanterns and rat:


You can also get there by going down the stairs at the front of the ship:


The scurvy devils who man the ship:


Enjoy :-)

Edited by TinyPiesRUs

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Heres my go.




Brickshelf Gallery

An inspection vessel used at Aberbrick for checking merchants. I'm not 100% happy with it but time is short. It has no cannons currently, though I have considered adding 2 swivel guns. I still dont have a name for it yet.

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Here be me entry:


The new Islander's War Catamaran.


I got the idea for the bone cage from some pirate movie I saw once (more like 50 times).


More images at MOC Pages. or Brickshelf when I get them loaded there.

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Hello everyone, this is my first time to post my creation on here.

This MOC ship is the battle ship at medieval time, but the concept is more like Greek or Rome style.

There are ten boaters at the downside of the ship and some soldier at other side.

The armaments are three arbalest on the front, left, and right.

The deck is detachable, and we can see the downside of the ship which can content cargos even the horses.

see more from brickshelf

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I had a choice, to enter this contest or Hinckley's neighbourhood contest. I figured I would enter this one because Hinckley has been a bit mean to captain green hair *n* .

Only kidding :-P . I entered this one because I wanted to try building something I had never built before - nothing personal

Here is my entry... I should really stress that this is my first pirate/ship MOC so please go easy on me X-D ...

I present to you HMS Rapide:


The back


The Captain


The Deckhands




The cabin - contains chair, table, two maps, key, goblet and a barel full of cutlasses.


Captain and sailor posing


The ship also has a removable deck with supplies beneath it. For more pictures - gallery (when public)

This has been surprisingly fun to build and has opened my eyes to the whole pirate theme.

Good luck to other contestants.


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Ladies and gentlemen, good day. I come from Taiwan, and it is my first time to post MOC on here.

Please let me introduce my ship. Ladies and gentlemen-- Richelia the corvette.


Portside view closer.


The Figurehead.


The lieutenant and the anchor.


The cannons are ready.


Captain on the bridge.



More images in My Brickshelf gallery.

Thank You. *sweet*

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