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[K-C09] Special delivery

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Location: C09


Raven have spent the weekend with her family. Now she's heading back to work.

Special delivery


22854203616_6f72104533_o.jpg This was really nice. I will start use saved vacation to take weekends of so I can spend more time with you. Maybe I even step down from leadership for a while.

The door screen activates.

26876640973_fae4c6e18b_o.jpg I have a package for Vichtor Tellarian on this address.

19784320124_88bf9d97dd_o.jpg What? Oh right, that. Honey, aren't you in a hurry. Maybe you...

26429999434_3bce17204f_o.jpg Woouu! What is that?


26429999434_3bce17204f_o.jpg What is it? What is it?


19784320124_88bf9d97dd_o.jpg Nothing. We open it later when mom...

22854203616_6f72104533_o.jpg I recognize the box. You bought one of those?

19784320124_88bf9d97dd_o.jpg No, well yes, but... I wasn't... I hadn't seen you in a year and... At lest I got one that look like you, I mean, I could have gotten...

26429999434_3bce17204f_o.jpg Wow! It's a mom robot!


22854203616_6f72104533_o.jpg I don't care you got one. I meant you wouldn't have had to buy one. As CEO I can get most company products very cheep.

19784320124_88bf9d97dd_o.jpg Wait, what!? This is an official product?

22854203616_6f72104533_o.jpg Yes. Kawashita is leading the market for humanoid pleasure bots. No one else can match our AI.

19784320124_88bf9d97dd_o.jpg Ok but why does it look like you?


22854203616_6f72104533_o.jpg Ever since Octan launched their Pombe, unofficial celebrity products like “Rowena” and “Spicy Steven” have popped up. So I thought if someone was going to brick me I might as well get paid.

19784320124_88bf9d97dd_o.jpg That sound so wrong.

22854203616_6f72104533_o.jpg You know what I meant. And you know I relax at home.

27002188886_3040c58ec9_o.jpg Mom, what does “brick” mean?

22854203616_6f72104533_o.jpg It's when a man and wom...

19784320124_88bf9d97dd_o.jpg We tell you when you are older.

26429999434_3bce17204f_o.jpg Brick me, brick me.

19784320124_88bf9d97dd_o.jpg Now see what you did.


26429999434_3bce17204f_o.jpg Mom, is it the same brick as in brick separator?

22854203616_6f72104533_o.jpg Ok, I have to go now. You two have fun

19784320124_88bf9d97dd_o.jpg Wait. I'm holding you responsible for that word and demand compensation.

22854203616_6f72104533_o.jpg I'm sure the bot can “compensate” you.

19784320124_88bf9d97dd_o.jpg No, I mean a mother daughter talk or something like that. Teach her some manner. She respects you. Also, just to be clear on the bot. You didn't mind I used it?

22854203616_6f72104533_o.jpg No.

19784320124_88bf9d97dd_o.jpg Cool. So when you get back, maybe we could have a 3x3 brick?

22854203616_6f72104533_o.jpg No way. Just watching the commercial for that thing creeps me out. And now I really have to go to work.

The layout is inspired by a scene in Real humans (a Swedish sci-fi/drama series) where the family get their robot.


I also continued with the made up dirty words :laugh: (no offence to Col. Brik, who spell without a "c". I just built on block and wanted to do the 3x3 brick joke )

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So much is wrong with this (in a good way). Hilarious story! I'm looking forward to SpicySteve. :laugh:

Everything that is “wrong” you can blame pombe for.

At least now Raven go back to work and there will be “normal” stories for a while. (so sorry, no Spicy Steven :cry_sad: )

Holy moly my sides hurt from laughing. That was awesome. Great build and story!

Thank you and sorry I make painfully funny stories :grin:

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See you nice simple build. Clean and we'll shot. The story is great! I love how you're handling the sci-fi society in your builds. Amusing, and also well thought through. That Swedish show looks interesting.

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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