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Location: B05 Marphacia

Tags: Land Vehicle, Spying


27440318966_495a0182ff_o.jpgSo what information are we trying to get out of them sir?

22622473220_0e4edeb126_o.jpgWe need to know if they detected the massive explosion we caused the other day. If the Kawashita seismology lab didn’t detect the explosion, we’ll know the GATE field expanded ahead of the explosion and stopped the information leaking out. If so, we have a functioning cloaking device, we'll just have to fine tune the stabilisers.

27440318966_495a0182ff_o.jpgCouldn’t we just ask them if they detected it?

22622473220_0e4edeb126_o.jpgNo! If we just ask them if they’ve detected any explosions recently, they’ll know we’re up to something. We have to persuade them to tell us, preferably without even realising we’re from M.A.N.T.I.S.

27440318966_495a0182ff_o.jpgThat’s why we’re in this Kawashita boat!

22622473220_0e4edeb126_o.jpgExactly. And it has to be a row boat so it doesn’t upset their seismology instruments. No point annoying them before we even get there. And you have to be here to do the rowing…


27440318966_495a0182ff_o.jpgI see the lab sir!

22622473220_0e4edeb126_o.jpgGood work Stevens, bring us in.


22622473220_0e4edeb126_o.jpgNow, this is probably going to take a lot of natural charm and quick wits, and you don’t have a persuadomatic spy suit, so let me do all the talking. It could be very difficult to get the information out of them, so prepare to witness some incredible spying.

27440318966_495a0182ff_o.jpgYes sir!

22622473220_0e4edeb126_o.jpgOk, here goes. I guess I’ll knock on the door. This is going to be very difficult, so you’re going to have a great story about my awesome spy skills to tell your friends.


27443977816_4b3cd26e74_o.jpgOh my… can it be true? Are you real? I haven’t seen anyone since I was posted here back in Julali! I’ve been so bored – there’s not been a single seismic event the whole time I’ve been here!

22622473220_0e4edeb126_o.jpgWell… that was easy. Uh, sorry guy, we must have the wrong lab. Best be off!

27443977816_4b3cd26e74_o.jpgNo, no, come in and have a drink, I insist! Do you like tea?

27440318966_495a0182ff_o.jpgI love tea!

27443977816_4b3cd26e74_o.jpgWonderful! Come on in!


27443977816_4b3cd26e74_o.jpgI’ll just put the kettle on! This is so exciting!

22622473220_0e4edeb126_o.jpgDamn it Stevens!


27443977816_4b3cd26e74_o.jpgOh, I’ve been so lonely here. I’ve only had my plants to talk to, and they never say anything back. Guess that makes sense though.

27440318966_495a0182ff_o.jpgThere are lots of sentient, communicative plant species in Andromeda actually!

27443977816_4b3cd26e74_o.jpgThat’s what I told them! But they’re still giving me the silent treatment!

22622473220_0e4edeb126_o.jpgOh boy… Right, well, thanks for the drinks, we’d best be going.


27406485391_07bf3cf7cf_o.jpgWhat?? No! Please don't leave, I’ve been so alone!


27443977626_5eae1cd33b_o.jpgAnd besides, I’ve made some food for us to share. It would be a shame if you had to leave before you try it… you could have all sorts of ‘accidents’ if try to you leave on an empty stomach…


22622473270_d1783c1f23_o.jpgOK, OK! We’ll stay for some food, sure, no need for any 'accidents'…


27443977816_4b3cd26e74_o.jpgOh, how wonderful! I’ll just go get it!

22622473270_d1783c1f23_o.jpgDamn it Stevens, why couldn’t you keep your mouth shut?? This guy’s a lunatic!


27440318966_495a0182ff_o.jpgSorry sir!

22622473270_d1783c1f23_o.jpgHopefully he’ll let us leave if we eat his food. I hope it’s not anything weird, or we might have to make a run for it.


27443977816_4b3cd26e74_o.jpgFresh sushi! Made with local ingredients!





22622473270_d1783c1f23_o.jpgQuickly Stevens!

27379092762_f339045e2e_o.jpgCome back!


Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! I have to confess that I straight up stole the roof design from Bushido - Way of the Warrior by Disco86, which is one of my all time favourite MOCs. Hopefully Disco86 won't mind, as a fellow M.A.N.T.I.S. player :grin:


Edited by Big Sal

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Haha, awesome build and story. Poor guy reminds me of Milton from Office Space, No one really remembers or cares if he is around!

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Such a cool scene! I like the plants inside, and the machinery looks great as well! Of course, the story is so funny! Well done.

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Lovely building, that roof looks just as good for a Kawashita building as it does for a medieval Asian one :thumbup: Sweet interior and hilarious storyline too :laugh:

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Love the story and all the facial expressions. Some nice parts usage like for the cups and such. Always fun to build in another corporations colors/style as it lets you use a different parts set.

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Lovely build! Really delightful Japanese inspired architecture! As always, the build is stylish and we'll photographed!

The story is quite funny! That poor lonely Kawashita scientist! :laugh:

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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Very beautiful moc with a great roof there also. Above all I really like your photography. Its superb. :wub:

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