BIONICLE Item in Warcraft: Legion?

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WoW Legion is introducing a new weapon system and the primary weapon of Beastmasters will be this:

My reasoning:

Flavor text of the item is:

"A peerless example of techno-magical engineering, infused with the power of storms."

1. It says "techno-magical" in the flavor text which is how I've always described BIONICLE.

2. It's powered by Lightning just the same as the Laser Crossbow and Kongu's Toa powers.

3. The lightning was a machination of the "Great Beings"-- the "titans" of BIONICLE. A Titan of WoW made Titanstrike.

4. Their shapes are very similar, albeit Blizzard put far more detail into it. The orb where lightning is held in the bow is where the button activating the light effect of the toy was located. The "power button" if you will.

5. Both Kongu and Beast Master hunters specialized in animals. They tame animals and summon them. Kongu has worked with animals practically his entire life, and even got the ability to summon them magically.

6. One of the artifact sockets of Titanstrike is a Wind socket. Kongu was Toa Inika of Air, and his crossbow could manipulate wind. Also worth noting that Kongu could control some Lightning as part of the Inikas' cohesive theme, and many of the features of Titanstrike are lightning-based as well.

I'm pretty excited about this, but are there any other BIONICLE Lore buffs that find this interesting or disagree with the hypothesis? I was hoping to find another BIONICLE fan out here who might have more input on this.

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