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Kodan Black

[O - H06] Visiting Farmolis

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Location: H06 Farmolis

Tags: Land Vehicle



After having several productive days getting to know Raylan on Forring, I had decided that to further improve the relationship between our two corporations I should invite him to Farmolis. Initially he was a bit apprehensive as there was a certain amount of worry that there could be some nefarious reason for wanting to get him to our home planet. But after more discussion and assurances he finally agreed to pay a visit. Upon his arrival I picked him up from the spaceport in one of our luxury corporate transports and had ED-208 drive so I could concentrate on our guest. As we drove around the city I was able to point out various landmarks and talk about all the things Octan was doing. Raylan was excited to hear and he found numerous areas that our two corporations could successfully collaborate. I'm excited to show him around further!


Extra Pics:





Oops, just noticed I forgot to update the planet in the title. Should be H06, got so used to F03 I forgot it wasn't there...

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The crate/brick brick combo in the wall is clever :thumbup: I like the alternating red and white cheese dividing the road and sidewalk :classic:

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Lovely build! The slick corporate transporter is great! Very smooth. The street scene is also quite nice! Similarly smooth, and we'll detailed. The repeating elements lend a nice sci-fi feel. Great work!

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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