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MOC: Nocturn the Condemned

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Nocturn the Condemned


A modern take on the 2007 LEGO Bionicle set, 8935 Nocturn (a personal favourite of mine), featuring both my

TW2 and QG1 gearboxes.






Pose, Roaring


Skeleton, Head


Skeleton, Legs


Skeleton, Toroso, front


Skeleton, Torso, back


Skeleton, Gearbox


Skeleton, Upper arm

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This is great! I still remember your Gadunka. I love how you integrate gear functions into these even though the originals didn't feature them. Are you planning on doing more G2 revamps of G1 sets (particularly 2007, one of my favourite years)?

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Gotta say I really like how this was done. I never cared for the original nocturn that much, but this is an excellent take on the set. Fits with that gadunka perfectly. And like the previous commentor said, I'd be curious to see any revamps of other 2007 sets. (Maxilos and spinax in particular, as it's one of my favorite sets of all of bionicle)

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Now that is one ugly, but brilliant take on a creep from the deep. This is quite excellent, with some nice building techniques going on. The only thing that's a little bit odd is the trans blue stuff with the milky blue parts, but to be fair the original had that to. And, when I say that this guy is ugly, I mean he looks like some hideous creep from the deep, but the model itself is very well built, and the functions are unobtrusive. Good job. :thumbup:

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Fantastic looking model. I love the function. The whole thing really captures Nocturn's essence while still looking very well integrated with the more modern shells and bones.

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