@DayWalkerKudos to you and both your MODs: The gear indicator and the prevention from having 4 reverse gears. I have now both integrated in my Porsche (built the wonderful package "Pimp up your Porsche" by @jb70 - which i have already praised some posts above) - both your MODs can be very easily integrated in jb70's Porsche implementation! The few needed changes are very obvious and easy to manage.But one remark: Especially the gear-indicator MOD can not be build in the already built model - for this mode you have to go to the beginning because the mode-gearbox has to be dismantled and has to be mounted differently to the LBG bottom frame. Both MODs are so well integrated into the mid console so they are invisible after applying the black curved panels: (I will replace the 4 yellow half bushes of the paddles with blue ones so indicator and paddle have the same color - unfortunatelly the exist no yellow 1x2 liftarms thin). Side of the gear-Indicator - only the black 20th bevel gear is visible (and of course the blue indicator at the dashboard ;-): Side of the prevents from having 4 reverse gears-MOD: A remark to this MOD: Overall i prefer DayWalkers's solution to that one from Appie because (a) it is more realistic (because it prevents from engaging reverse or normal mode if another gear than 1st one is engaged - which is as in the real cars) - with Appies solution you can engage reverse/normal-mode regardless of the current engaged gear. And (b) DayWalkers solution can be combined with his gear-indicator-MOD (Appies solution can not be combined with DayWalkers gear-indicator-MOD!) which is IMHO quite essential for a sequential gearbox: the driver (and of course also the HoG-driver ;-)  of a car should/must always know which gear is currently engaged - and in case of a sequential gearbox this is quite impossible without a proper gear-indicator - and this feature-lack is eliminated in quite an optimal manner by DayWalkers's solution - Kudos to you, DayWalker, works like a charm and is a very clean and robust implementation. Summary: The gear-indicator MOD is IMHO a Must-have-MOD and the preventing-from-having-4-reverse-gears MOD adds really realism value to the model and is also very well implemented - both can be combined very well and can also be integrated very easily into jb70's Porsche-package --> Strong recommendation! @DayWalker i have made just very few and slight changes compared to your implementation - the most prominent one is the bearing and mounting of the vertical gear-indicator-axle - see following pics: You see i have used a 3x5 liftarm (which is also used as bearing for the reverse-gear-slider) and some pins-with-pinhole instead of your triangle-solution. Reason: with the triangle-solution the black Liftarm 1 x 2 Thick with Pin Hole and Axle Hole (mounted at the front of the gearrack) can slightly (very slightly) collide in 4th gear with the triangles (even when using the modern version) which in turn could result in some stress for the indexer-module of Didumos69. With my solution this is impossible and works in all gears without any collision and stress.