[OL - FB] 5F The Lightning

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During his worldly travels Sir Admiral Duke has collected blueprints and ideas to create the next generation in fast, efficient trade vessels. He hired the best Naval Architects to apply the most innovative features, designs and ideas to oversee the building of their new prototype called 'The Lightning'! Leading this ship on her trade missions will be Captain Emma Elizabeth.

The prototype ship will be licensed as a 5F and I will post pictures of her underway as soon as I'm finished with the sails.




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Duke, I love the shape of this one! Incredible that you could make a prefab based ship look so darn fast default_oh.gifthumbup.gif

Love those masts, and the rigging, too, and cannot wait to see her under full sails default_excited.gif

Class 5FaF (Fast as F*ck) default_laugh2.gif

Keep it up, good Sir!

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Wow. Well I’d have to give you points for ambition at the very least; she’s huge. More than big she’s really rather well done, and again, detail inclusive. I’m liking the use of technic lift arms as pulley blocks. That stern is fascinating too. I like how you used inverted slopes to make the seam between the square transom and the tapering gunwale. This rig seems even more refined that Ranger, but I do see some curious things going on. Where you working from any reference material in particular? Whether it was by my advice or not, I see that your using 2 X 2 rounds for masts and have your spacing of shrouds, fighting tops and gaff sails figured out. thumbup.gif As with Ranger I’d love to see you go back and further refine this MOC. It’s good, but has potential to be great.

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