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[SR-FB1 May] Swamp Raid

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"Have you heard the news about Captain Sulu?" asked Captain Li Fang. "It appears he captured a prize last month!"

Over the past couple months Sinbad had become somewhat of a confidant to Li. Their conversation never become too personal, but Sinbad found himself more privileged to Li's rants than other members of the crew.


(please note that the above picture is from a past build)

"Why is it that Captain Sulu gets famed as a notorious pirate and I'm left running guard duty for some merchants!" shouted Li.

"Captain, we did bring in a prize of our own not that long ago, and a much bigger prize than that little merchant boat Sulu acquired" replied Sinbad.

"It's not the prize that matters Sinbad," countered Li. "Hasn't serving as a part of my crew taught you at least that much? It's about the fame. That was something my father never understood."

"What do you mean?" asked Sinbad. He thought they had done pretty well for themselves over the past couple months. Though he thought that while serving under Li's father, Cho. The greatest difference he had noticed between from serving under both father and son was that the crew seemed more calloused under Li. Cho had a way of making people want to follow him. Li just made them fear him.

"People need to fear my flag" Li said, interrupting Sinbad's thoughts. "If other captains fear me, they won't put up a fight when we attack. They will know it's better to surrender than face the dreaded Captain Fang!"

"So what are you going to do?" inquired Sinbad. He was a little worried about the evil glint in Li's eyes.

"The nations need to know I'm ruthless. It's time I showed them just how ruthless I can be" was Li's response. "I purchased some information in a tavern the last time we landed that told me where a Corrington expedition is going to be. I want you to take some of the men and make sure they disappear.:

"Me sir?" asked Sinbad. "Why me? I have no rank or standing with the men."

"Ever since I left my father to rot in that Mardien prison, I've heard murmurs amongst the men" answered Li. "I don't know if I can trust them, but I think I can trust you."

Sinbad still hadn't figured out why Li trusted him. He had spoken out against leaving Cho when the choice was made, but neither had he supported it. For now, he wanted to continue to take advantage of Li's trust for he didn't know when it might come in useful.

"Take a few men to these coordinates" continued Li. "Make sure the Corries don't survive. I want everyone to know exactly what kind of man Li Fang is!"

Sinbad had killed before when they were defended themselves or taking prizes, but never in cold blood before. He wasn't sure he agreed with Li that to be feared one had to be ruthless. He was still thinking over these matters as he a three others from Li's crew waited in the marsh for the Corrington boat they had spied early.


The expedition was being led by the unfortunate Captain Stasch. A man already known for meeting misfortune.


Sinbad signaled for the attack and he and the others popped out of the swamp.


The fight was short. The two soldiers were killed quickly. Captain Stasch, at the first sign of trouble, flung himself over board and made a daring escape. Sinbad did not feel bad that Stasch had gotten away, but failed to report that reflection when he was debriefed by Li.

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Lovely swamp build! Great use of the green tubes and other vegetation pieces. It really gives off the right feel. Well done!

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Indeed a lovely looking swamp, the hanging vegetation looks great and really gives it that dense swampy feel. Great job!

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