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[Anthology] Large - Escape from Bnar

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Hello all, just a warning- this is pic heavy. I don't think there were any restrictions on that in the guidelines, but oh well. I also would like to apologize for the annoying shadow of my head in some of the shots; that's just how it turned out with my lighting setup. Now a brief prelude.

It is a period of Galactic Civil War all throughout the Galaxy, around one year after the famous Battle of Endor. General and Princess Leia Organa has sent Han Solo and his wookiee friend Chewbacca to recover stolen credits on the planet Bnar, a system in the Blaxant Sector, a space deep in Imperial territory. Han and his small squadron had almost managed to escape the imperial outpost when an imperial dropship full of the dreaded Storm Troopers arrived on the scene.












Just the base and terrain.


Well that's a wrap. Thanks for looking everyone and may the force be with you... always :wink:


Sorry, forgot to mention in the title- this is in the Large Category

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Studs: 64 x 32

Figs: 16 (Han, Chewie, Rebel x 4, Storm Trooper x 6, Imperial Heavy gunner, Shock Trooper, Imperial Technician, Imperial field captain)

Backstory: See Description at top

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