[COR - MRCA Results] Ransom for Captured Crew

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The WETEC's largest ship the Golden Filly, while sailing its maiden journey, was set on by a fierce pirate named Gregory Decker. Fortunately, the Lady Jacqueline was able to attack Gregory Decker and seize some of his fleet. However, she was unable to rescue the Golden Filly and her crew. Gregory Decker furious over his losses wished to gain as much money as he could. He set up an auction for the Golden Filly, and sent a letter of ransom to WETEC for the crew who were still alive. They were waiting on a secluded island for a reply from their middleman.



There is quite a lot of wildlife on this island.


Previous stories.

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Hahaha, nice build! I like how the crew is "resting" against a wall, chained ofc!! And the pirates..well ofc the pirates are drinking! Wait..does that make me an (npc)pirate too??

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Nice MRCA result build - in both idea and execution. I like how the prisoners are chained together, and your depiction of Decker's crew is really nice. Although they don't seem to be very attentive guards, currently! pirate_tong.gif

I hope your crew will be returned in good condition!

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