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After seeing the new Marvel summer sets and beeing very impressed by both Goblin figures I just had to recreate their iconic mode of transportation the Goblin Glider.

My goals for the Glider were very simple; 1 Make it as accurate as possible to the real thing, 2 to make it sturdy and 3 it had to be able to carry a minifigure.

With those goals I started building and see here the result.

I actually made 2 different versions and the original Goblin Glider and the Glider that the Hobgoblin uses are somewhat different, for this creation I have chosen the Hobgoblin's one as I don't have the Green Goblin figure yet and I personally love the Hobgoblin more.




Here is the glider without a minifigure on it:



I also created a glider for the Green Goblin, it is mostly the same but has some slight changes, here it is:


Not the most complicated creation in the world but since we are all big fans of the upcoming sets and especially the Hobgoblin and Green Goblin figures I thought that it would be worth sharing.

I'll just leave you guys with this shot...


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Nice versions. I have gg on a somewhat bigger glider. But i still have to tweak it as well.

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Nice job! :thumbup: I'm not very keen on TLG's official gliders. They're too big and bulky. Your smaller design more closely approximates the "flying wing" that Green Goblin and Hobgoblin's gliders are supposed to be.

I hope you don't mind if I make a design principle suggestion. I think your gliders are a bit busy and could do with less greebling. With some simplification, your design could be as close as one can get with LEGO to a perfect glider.

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