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", my dear friend, you really cannot hold me here any longer!" Cooke said. "But..." Cooke interupted Montoya immediately: "If I hear one more word of a curious beetle or a non-descript turtle, I swear by the gods, I am going to have you keelhauled under your own vessel! It has been weeks since we set out from King's Harbour towards Quinnsville and sir Smaugton has been expecting us for at least a month!"


Montoya blushed, hesitated, and discreetly let go of a bunch of feathers, before speaking up. "I have no idea why you would expect such of me..." Clearing his throat he continued "Of course... As you have so often told me, the tide waits for no man..." Cooke nodded with satisfaction "Indeed!"

"As soon as we have dispatched the orders I asked you to write up..." As Cooke held up a document, Montoya nodded "Thank you, good sir. I hope you support my dispositions..."

"I do, entirely. McLeod will be happy with a new command, and will make a fine captain. And more so, the Justicia is going to be a fine addition to the pirate hunting task force."

"Let is be so, and then we are off to Quinnsville..."


The "Justicia" is a sistership to the "HMS Kite" (Formerly "War Dwarf") by Legostone. I simply manipulated the colours a bit.

Thanks for looking - C&C is welcome, as always. The Justicia will be my contribution to the pirate hunting task force.

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Nice seeing this ship again! I was hoping it wasn't gone for good! I'll try to implement some of these colourchanges into the original model once I have time to build again (as well as they are possible to me) and maybe redo the rigging - I'm not satisfied with the rigging of this one anymore. Bregir, you know who to message about what you want changed once I have time and if I have the parts for it ;)

Note: The story build is nice too ;)

Edited by Legostone

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Hehe, looks like Don Montoya truly deserves to be the chairman of the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy!

Haven't seen a beach like that before, very clever

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