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3D printed offset uminog wheels

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A while ago i started making alternative wheels for lego uminog tyres. First i made them using sketchUp but i had a lot of problems so i restarted building it in a totaly unknown program for me, 123d design. It was hard to learn to use this program. Today i got the final version, finally after 4 first they lookt really ugly (see below) but halfway through the cutting of the support matterial it was much better.

26612806854_8e4c8e3f8f_c.jpgIMG_20160524_120140122_HDR by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr

26612792334_0da66ba7e9_c.jpgIMG_20160524_163606705 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr

i am really happy with the final result. beside the not-that-accurate printing, my wheels look pretty awsome.

26612779324_c72802707f_c.jpgIMG_20160524_164657686 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr

27219703985_81d7513c40_c.jpgIMG_20160524_164726639 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr

i don't like the looks of it when they are out of the tyres but when they are on them, it's like it was meant to be

26612759224_2394d24a05_c.jpgIMG_20160524_164851636 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr

27186391156_3d93977098.jpguminog rim stl by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr

27151219681_ee1f5240bb.jpguminog rim stl2 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr

i am probrally get some wheels printed by shapeways or i.materialize.



more pics on my flickr acount:

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Looks good, maybe the little star points should be a little wider, have you had any problems with them?

Also, do they work with portal hubs, or is there too much offset to reach?

Edit- typo

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about the stars, its an optical illusion the arms are 1 stud thick so i was able to make the slopes

as you see i edited the first post with the stl pics.

the inside is around 0.5-1mm smaller than the normal ones. but still enough place. i think it will work, but i don't have them.

with this print it has an inside diameter of little less than 6 studs, but because my teachers printer isn't that precize i the version you'll get will be 6 studs

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i mesured the crossholes from the original rims so it would be right. make sure on the new rim's the angle between the two "bars" of the cross is 89°. the old ones its 90° but the hole is slightly smaller than a normal crossaxle

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