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[M - B05] Lost and found

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Location: B05 Anomaly (Marphacia System)

Tags: Spaceship

MANTIS General Operations Auxiliary Transport Ship Gozanti, E01 Anomaly


moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Are you absolutely sure about this doc?"

DrF2_zpsjqfcdrbx.jpg "Well, the Flashbulb came back in one piece so we've proven the drive works. Carlson's analysis shows at least 9 potential 4-D exit states including the adjacent sector anomalies. Its just a question of trying the others one by one until we find the signal."

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "And the drone can't do this because?"

DrF2_zpsjqfcdrbx.jpg "We only pushed the drone into a state of superposition, pushing it into 4D-space collapses the GATE field and we would lose our telemetry link. Both we and the drone wouldn't know where it ended up."

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "So how do we know where we'll end up?"

DrF2_zpsjqfcdrbx.jpg "We'll figure it out when we get there...."

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Ah, the Big Sal approach to science!"

thorne_zpsjtozb6no.jpg "Sir, not to hurry you, but the drive is primed and the more you talk the less keen I am to keep it that way. If we're going to do this lets get it over with."

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Ok, on my mark, 3, 2, 1, Engage!"





DrF2_zpsjqfcdrbx.jpg "It worked sir, we're back in real-space."

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Hooray! But where in real-space?"

DrF2_zpsjqfcdrbx.jpg "Not sure yet sir, Computer is running star positions against our database now."

analyst_zpsfmkvzer2.jpg "Incoming broadwave Sir!"

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Let's hear it then!"

KGcapt_zpspwuy9wga.jpg "Unidentified vessel entering the Marphacia system, this is the Kawashita gunship Fugu, surrender immediately or we will open fire."

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Well, that solves the 'where are we?' question."

analyst_zpsfmkvzer2.jpg "Sir, gunship is closing fast!"


analyst_zpsfmkvzer2.jpg "She's firing!"


analyst_zpsfmkvzer2.jpg "Missed, and again!"


analyst_zpsfmkvzer2.jpg "Returning fire!"

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Noooo."


moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Dammit, those were warning shots it's standard Kawa protocol, now they'll be coming for us for real!"


thorne_zpsjtozb6no.jpg "Direct hit sir. Only minor hull plating damage but we don't want to take many more of them!"

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Right Carlson open a broadwave channel immediately and for gods sake stop shooting!"

analyst_zpsfmkvzer2.jpg "Yes sir, sorry sir!"


moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Fugu, this is the MTS Gozanti. We are on a peaceful scientific mission, cease fire. We are standing down all weapons systems and will comply with all further directions."


KGcapt_zpspwuy9wga.jpg "MANTIS! What business have you here? Our borders are closed in light of the recent Seperatist attack. All MANTIS shipping movements are to be co-ordinated in advance through the relevant general command office. Your ship has no such approval!"

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "We are investigating a GATE anomaly. The full details are classified and subject to a co-operation and non-disclosure order between our respective governments. I am transmitting the relevant clearance code now for you to verify the existence of the agreement.

KGcapt_zpspwuy9wga.jpg "This code, it pertains to the case of the Hasui-Maru."

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "You are familiar with the case?.

KGcapt_zpspwuy9wga.jpg "What do you know MANTIS? Where is my Daughter's ship? Where is my daughter?"

Additional shot to show the back end of the Kawashita gunship.


In case you hadn't guessed the Mantis ship is a rescale of My week 45 build.


Edited by woofmcmoose

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Both are excellent, yet unique micro spaceships :thumbup: The laser turrets and blast effects look great :classic:

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Excellent work, moose! You were able to get very similar shaping with the micro MANTIS ship to your full size one :thumbup:

Great job with the Kawashita ship as well :classic:

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Awesome ships and awesome story! I especially like the shaping on both of them! Very interesting and appealing designs!

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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