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[M - B05] Experiment G2B05

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Location: B05 Marphacia

Tags: Land Vehicle, Science

Note to judges: Only the scenes with the swamp speeder should be judged, the rest re-use my build from last week.


26919408832_6b794d3f11_o.jpgI’m just worried after what happened last time.

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgAh, but last time we didn’t have the expert advice of Ensign Stevens. He’s part of Moose’s team so he’s up to date with all their latest findings. Isn’t that right, Stevens?

15.jpgErr, well

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgExcellent! Plus, I’ve completely redesigned the stabiliser architecture. Speaking of which, where the hell is Redsyn with the last stabiliser? I’ll give him a call.


17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgRedsyn! Where are you?

16.jpgI'm having a little difficulty with the natives.


17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgWell, hurry up, will you? I’m getting bored here.

16.jpgYeah, I’ll try.

Some time later…


15.jpg...and I usually play as Mitgardia.

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgRedsyn! What’s the hold up?

16.jpgTrouble with the locals.


16.jpgDifferent ones this time.


17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgUnbelievable. Right, let’s just go ahead with three stabilisers.



17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgIt’ll be fine. We almost had it right last time with four stabilisers, but these new ones are a lot stronger. We could probably even manage with two. What do you think, Stevens?

15.jpgErr, well…

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgExactly! Norton, activate the stabilisers.


26919408692_e0e4467383_o.jpgActivating stabilisers!

26919408772_77f86275b9_o.jpgSal, I just did some calculations, and going from fourfold to threefold stabilisation symmetry is likely to decrease the discontinuity threshold by at least seven orders of magnitude!

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgGood point! Norton, only initialise the GATE drive once Stevens and I are a safe distance away. I promised Moose I’d get Stevens back to him in one piece.


26919408772_77f86275b9_o.jpgWait, what??

26919408692_e0e4467383_o.jpgInitialising GATE drive!



To be continued! Thanks for reading, C&C welcome! :classic:

The build below is the new stuff for this week. More pics of the speeder in the spoiler.






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Wonderful shape for the boat, it looks like quite a capable aquatic vehicle, obviously sturdy too to survive both of those vicious attacks by 'locals' :rofl:

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Wow that Frogadile thing is cool. I like how you use the plates for the eyes. Really creative. Issac Redsyn's boat is pretty neat too.

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Is it a hovercraft? Nice design, but yeah that toothy water beast is fantastic. Glad I'm not the one being chased by it!

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As always, Sal, your stories are wonderful and your builds are just as good! I don't know why this post got so little love! Your turtle monster is great! As is the swamp speeder. It makes for a hilarious and tense encounter with the "natives"! Great work! :wub:

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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