Settlement: Elizabethville, Lacryma, Corrington

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This thread encompasses all builds within Elizabethville and on the Corrington claimed island of Lacryma.

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Name: Elizabethville
Ownership: Crown
Location: Lacryma
Mayor: Tom Mercer (SilentWolf)
Trade Value: See account sheet
Who can own property in Elizabethville: Anyone
Who can freebuild in Elizabethville: Anyone
Map: To be released someday

About the settlement of Elizabethville:

Elizabethville is founded on the island of Lacryma which was discovered by Micah and the other members of the WETEC while searching for new islands to the East. They found there a friendly local tribe, and were informed that the island had many other tribes as well. The partners founded a horse ranch in the area near there discovery of a cave. This was the beginning of the settlement that is growing as new settlers arrive from all parts of Corrington and the brickworld. The geography of Lacryma is mostly pedestrian looking plains with plenty of trees scattered about along with a few small forests. There is no great harbor on the island, but several places to anchor a ship safely.

Builds in Elizabethville, a Large Town:

Properties to reach City
Residences: 0
Factories: 4
Artisans: 0
Commerce: 0
Education: 0
Art & Culture: 0
Royal Properties 0
Other Licensed Builds: 0

Licensed properties (91):

1. Residence (28)
Chief's Longhouse S-Licensed
Captain's Residence S-Licensed
On the Frontier S-Licensed
Cole Family Residence S-Licensed
Mayor Tom Mercer's Residence S-Licensed
A First Meeting with the Onondaga S - Licensed
An Odorific Homecoming M - Licensed
Natural Growth Residence - 20?

2. Factory (4)
From all over they have come M-Licensed
Micro Mill M-Licensed

3. Plantation (9+3?)
Horse Ranch (Includes these two builds:
Defending Horses against Pirates and Unexpected Attack) M-Licensed
Ahoy, Fishermen! S-Licensed
To Make Ends Meet S-Licensed
On Lacryma M-Licensed
Horse Farm, Elizabethville L - Licensed

4. Mine (2)
Mercury Mine (Hi, ho, quicksilver, away!) - Licensed

5. Artisan (12)
Preservation of Food S-Licensed
The Bittersweet Mug M-Licensed
Tomahawk Makers Longhouse S-Licensed
Small Inn S-Licensed
Stables L-Licensed
Merrymas punch stall in Elizabethville S - Licensed
Horse logging, Elizabethville L - Licensed

6. Commerce (10+1?)
Trading with the Whole Village L-Licensed
Founding a Colony M-Licensed
Primitive Accommodations, Elizabethville M - Licensed
Horse Breeding, Elizabethville L - Licensed

7. Education (6)
The Present Will Be History L-Licensed
Elizabethville Observatory L - Licensed

8. Art and Culture(14)
The Art of Horses and War M-Licensed
A Fountain S-Licensed
Thanksgiving in Elizabethville S-Licensed
Hippodrome Elizabethville R - Licensed

9. Forts (2)
Fort di Legno M-Licensed

Other Mocs (15)
Where Only the Strange Men Go...
The First Election
We have found gold!
Letters to be written
Arrival At Elizabethville
A Seventeen Point Plan
An Afternoon Shipwreck
A Day Trip to the Interior
Same Stars, Different Names
First Snow in Elizabethville
Training the Elizabethville Militia
Mysterious Bones
A Farewell In Elizabethville
Hawarden Regiment Encampment
Queen's Birthday Parade

(Please help me out by posting a link to your Elizabethville builds in this thread as well as what category they are licensed as.)
Last Edited 4/19/2023

Edited by SilentWolf

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Another mill for Elizabethville.


Microbuild from Challenge V rewards. Licensed as a medium factory in the name of Corrington.

Edited by Ayrlego

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On 20.5.2016 at 9:46 PM, SilentWolf said:

Map: To be released soon(ish)


It has been almost 18 months now, any progress on the matter? Who is the local map-wizard to be bribed?

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On 10/13/2017 at 2:14 PM, Drunknok said:

A small residence awaiting its license: Cole family residence

Has this residence been licensed?

On 10/15/2017 at 12:44 PM, Drunknok said:

It has been almost 18 months now, any progress on the matter? Who is the local map-wizard to be bribed?

I need to look more into this. I know more people have access to the overview maps now so someone might be able to work on it. 

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Just now, SilentWolf said:

Has this residence been licensed?


I think so, but I am not sure. How can I check this?

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Nicely done. Having that awesome hunting scene in the OP is great. :thumbup:


If I am not mistaken, Elizabethville as become a Large Town (level 4) already though.

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