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Ready for an incredible journey on the Mississippi aboard the vessel "Mississippi Princess"?

The paddlewheel steamboat has 4 bridges:

-The lowest includes sessions for passengers, a sofa and the engine room with the 10-cylinder diesel engine 20000HP

-The first deck includes 1 suite, 1 double, 1 twin bedroom, 1 shared bathroom and the emergency room and service.

All cabins have windows with portholes.

The bathroom has a toilet, sink and shower.

The second deck is home to the central control of the funnels and the terrace

He sees the presence of a service area equipped with 2 high power LED headlamp for lighting at night and "the BELL ".

The last deck on the other hand has a small rooftop and the cockpit.

The control center is equipped with radar, sonar and computer.

The vessel is equipped with two drawbridges for the boarding and alighting of passengers, both controlled by articulating arms and driven by pulleys.

In navigation access to drawbridges it is controlled by gates.

The paddlewheel is equipped with 8 blades for pushing.

I published this project on LEGO Ideas, where you can find more detailed picts.<p>I used LDD to build and Bluerender for rendering.

I hope you like it

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I like the red, white, and blue, color scheme :thumbup: Great paddle wheel, and railing on each deck too. The hanging banners are a nice touch :classic:

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Sure, i finish the crew, if you want to know them check this:

- Captain; Mc.tire John, 35 years sea experience, 25 as captain

- First Mate; Douglas Jacob, 29 years sea experience

- Ship's boys:

Smith Lucas 18 Years old

Brown Liam Jr. 19 years old

- Mechanics:

The Twins Davemport : Jackson 20 yo & Ethan 20 yo and 2 minutes :)


I can't upload the passengers and singer image 'cause " You have exceeded your allotted disk space for attachments" error :devil:

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