LEGO minifigures might shut down in october.

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Did any one even play it any more.

I remember it being F2P, so I think this might be a reason its failing

I need one more fig to finish the game and then I went to log in and it said I needed to pay to play. The fact that lego made a game free that you need to buy the figs was ok. But then they go and surprise us with it being pay to play the game and buy figs. I think that turned every one off.

(the other thing that bugged me was they reset all the progress I made when I was in the closed beta so it "would be fair to new players" as the lego rep told me)


Oh its being discussed in the rumors topic I see. Can staff just merge it if this is unneeded

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I stopped playing it after like a month. It was an okay game but Lego needs to concentrate on better games. Idk the game just felt...boring to me. For anyone that does care that the game is being shut down I'm sorry about that and I hope you find a new game to play

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The problem with LMO's p2p is that it removed it's most valuable players and veterans who played the game because it was free and fun. But when the veteran and players who supported the game left, so did the game's player base. The player base of p2p players is smaller than it was when it was f2p.

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