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Some Series C renderings:



Ladybug girl





Sorry but I don't know when I will continue the rendering, I have many things on my plate right now. And keep on doing these wonderful figs!

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Hi. Thanks for visiting my thread. Hope you'll enjoy your time here. 

Today I'm going to share with you guys Series G!

But first, something important: Thanks for all the comments, feedback or suggestions you leave here. I'm always looking forward to read what you think about my drawings

NOTE. I'm playing to be The LEGO Group here, so I'm taking the new pieces from Series A, B, C, D, E and F as already introduced pieces.





So, any reuse of any of these doesn't count as a new piece anymore.


Well, that's it. It is my pleasure to introduce you to the 16 characters from Series G:



With 16 all-new, special minifigures in Series G, the Minifigures Collection continues to grow. Each minifigure comes in a sealed ‘mystery’ bag with one or more accessories, display plate and collector’s booklet. Inspired by movies, history and just everyday life, this collection includes Clock Tower Guy, Monster Boy, Tribal Warrior, Beauty Spa Girl, Space villainess, Samba Dancer, Statue, Dragon Suit Guy, Alchemist, Alien Explorer, Trojan, Dark Ballerina, Cotton Candy Vendor, Coach, Ring Bearer and Crossfitter.




1. Dragon Suit Guy

Part assortment: New dragon mask. The Series 14 Gargoyle wings. The Series 16 Cute Little Devil tail. Regular head, torso and legs.




Extra Pic!

Alternate Version. Dragon Suit Guy would be released in 2 different versions: a common green one and a rarer dark red version. From all the Dragon Suits produced only around the 10% would be the Red Dragon Suit Guy version




2. Beauty Spa Girl

Part assortment: New wrapped towel hairpiece. 2x2 printed tile with magazine. Regular head, torso and legs.




3. Dark Ballerina

Part assortment: The tiara introduced with the Evil Queen (Series C). The Series 7 Bride hairpiece. The tutu piece. Regular head, torso and legs.




4. Trojan

Part assortment: New shield mold. The helmet introduced with the Mythological Hero (Series B). Spear piece. Regular head, torso and legs.




5. Monster Boy

Part assortment: New monster mask. The pot piece with the handle. Short legs. Regular head and torso.





6. Cotton Candy Vendor

Part assortment: New cotton candy piece (x2). The Series 6 Butcher paper hat. 3L bar (x2). Regular head, torso and legs.




7. Coach

Part assortment: The megaphone piece introduced with the Cheerleader Guy (Series D). The whistle piece introduced with the Referee (Series B). Cap. 2x2 printed tile with clipboard. Regular head, torso and legs.





8. Space Villainess

Part assortment: New laser blast piece. The Series 1 Spaceman helmet. The Series 7 Galaxy Patrol armor piece. A 1x1 round tile with Blacktron logo. The laser gun piece. Regular head, torso and legs.




9. Tribal Warrior

Part assortment: The buffalo comanche headdress (Lone Ranger theme). Short bow+arrow piece. The Series 10 Warrior Woman shield. Regular head, torso and legs.




10. Ring Bearer

Part assortment: New pillow piece. The Series 1 Magician haipiece. The rings pieces (x2). Short legs. Regular head and torso.





11. Alien Explorer

Part assortment: New laser blast piece (the same one from the Space Villainess). The S13 Galaxy Trooper armor piece. The Kranxx headmolud recolored (Space Police III). The laser gun piece. A 1x1 round tile with charger. Regular torso and legs.




12. Samba Dancer

Part assortment: New headdress with fruits. New cloth skirt piece (similar to the one the S12 Battle Goddess has). The maraca pieces (x2). Regular head, torso and legs.



13. Clock Tower Guy

Part assortment: New Clock Tower costume. The umbrella piece. Regular head, torso and legs.



14. Statue

Part assortment: New sculpted hairpiece. New grapes piece. The large goblet piece. A 2x1plate. Regular head, torso and legs.




15. Crossfitter

Part assortment: New "kettlebell" weight mold (x2). The Series 1 Cheerleader hair. Regular head, torso and legs.




16. Alchemist

Part assortment: New headress. New round-bottom flask with elixir. The Series 3 Fisherman beard. A 2x2 printed tile with alchemy circle. Slope piece. Regular head and torso. 





The color chosen for this Series G is pink




Extra pic!

The rare Red Dragon Suit Guy




Series G would introduce 14 new pieces: Kettlebell weight, alchemist headdress, round-bottom flask, sculpted hair, grapes piece, clock tower costume, headdress with fruits, laser blast, pillow, cotton candy piece, monster mask, greek shield, wrapped towel hairpiece and dragon mask. It would also introduce a new cloth skirt for the Samba Dancer!







Box Distribution (60 minifigures):


Thanks for taking your time to read this. Hope you had fun

So, what you think? Let me know with a comment

Series H will come later this year




 SERIES F                                                                                                                                                             SERIES H

32582597500_5b012e9005_n.jpg                                                                                            35188141156_04465bbabb_n.jpg

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Oh wow... my favorite series yet!! They're all amazing, but I absolutely love the Alchemist, the Dark Ballerina, the Spa girl, the Cotton Candy Guy, Dragon Suit guy (I prefer the red version! :grin:), and the monster suit guy!  Wow! Amazing, robert!  Makes me want to try and 3D print these new pieces :laugh:

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With Series G we reach the 100 minifigures milestone. I know some of these look pretty amateur and most of these will never be made but what the heck, I'm happy anyway. Yay!


Edited by Robert8

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Not only that, but the ones we share are so far apart in design that I don't feel bad about it!

If I had to pick favorites, I'd go with ALL the costumes, the Statue, The Villainess, the Cotton Candy Guy, the Alchemist, and the Trojan. Keep up the good work!


(P.S., I believe it is your turn to get pick of the bios, sir Egg)

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These are really nice!

These are my ideas, but I'm sure someone else could do these characters better than I, so feel free.



The regal carved figure you see before you may look like a block of marble, but he's actually an entertainer, aiming to amaze passerby by pretending to be a sculpture. The only problem is...he's too good. He never breaks his cover to move, and so the passing Minifigures aren't even aware there's an act! The Statue is perfectly happy with his success, but he sometimes feels the urge to reveal his secret, but the Roman Emperor has signed a decree to preserve "that beautiful sculpture in the Forum" maybe not!


Clock Tower Guy:

"No, my name is NOT Benjamin."

The Clock Tower Guy is...conflicted. He sometimes wonders if this whole tourism-mascot-suit gig is really worth the stature of the famous tower he's promoting. While he loves introducing the sights of his city to foreigners, he sometimes wishes he could dress up a bit more classy. The tower suit isn't great for mobility, either, and the only advantage he's noticed is that it's gotten the Royal Guard to smile a few times. Perhaps one day he'll be promoted. But for now, he's content to know that he's in the selfies on millions of LEGO tourists' phones. That's an accomplishment, right?


Beauty Spa Girl

Spas love the Beauty Spa Girl, who seems to think that every single treatment available to her is a miracle and a must-have. She's worn more cucumbers, towels, and face masks than most of the clientele, and her masseuse knows her by name. She always gets "the works", and visits, at minimum, once a week, so her local spa always has a space for her. Does the Beauty Spa Girl really feel better about her treatments? "Of course I do!" she says. "It feels so good to support all of these people here with my business. I don't know what they'd do without me!"



"Just add a bit of powdered Moonstone, and a bit of pollutonium, and we should have the secret to turning bricks into chrome!"

The wizened old Alchemist is an expert in the strange art of mystical chemistry. He knows the magic of the four elements, and the periodic ones as well, and with the proper mixtures and chemicals, he can create elixirs and minerals capable of just about anything. He's made a hair tonic to tame Medusa's snakes, a stronger material for the Hazmat Guy's visor, and even a mirror that reflects the Vampire! Any request can be fulfilled by his creations, but at the end of the day? The Alchemist has one thing he still hasn't solved- a potion that will allow him to rest at the end of a busy day!


Monster Boy

"I'm so scary, I get TWO treats, right?"

The Monster Boy is in love with all sorts of mythical beasts, and loves dressing up as monsters, with his goal to be the scariest one on the block. What he doesn't understand is that his monster costume isn't really that scary, despite his efforts. His energy is enough, though, and his charm always wins him that extra treat. Now if they only screamed a little and ran. Maybe next year, when he perfects his roar!

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Another wonderful series, Robert! My favorites are the Trojan, Tribal Warrior, Statue and Alchemist.
Would love to see that grape piece get made by LEGO at some point :wub:

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Wow Rob! I especially love the monster boy, dragon suit guy, greek statue, and Space Villainess (ahem, time for Blackron III already!).

Can't believe you just hit 100 ideas. Perhaps a game for "Robert8's Greatest CMF Idea" by @Itaria No Shintaku is in order? :laugh:

Edited by BrickHat

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100 unique ideas for CMF. I commend you for the love and dedication on this whole "CMF ideas" series.

I really like the Alchemist, Statue and Samba Dancer.

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Awesome work yet again Robert!

I'd need a lot of Blacktron and alien troopers, as well as a few trojans!

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Spectacular as always. So much to love about these!

Not one spot is wasted, but I started salivating at that alchemist. Honorable mention goes to the statue, dragon guy and Trojan. Monster boy is adorable too. 

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Thank you everyone for your comments. It's always nice to get your feedback

@8BrickMario thanks for those bios. Maybe I should have included an alternate winking face for the Statue (like the one the Genie Girl has). :laugh:

The Monster Boy's bio is particularly cute.

Also, the mention of the Moonstone in the Alchemist bio was a nice detail

@Yooha thank you so much for those CGIs. I think that if I ever see one of these minifigures physically produced I'd pass out :laugh: I understand if you don't have spare time to work on those. You don't have to be sorry about it. 


Edited by Robert8

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If you ever do work for lego minifig design (you totally should I like that Trojan more than any real cmf :cry_happy:) you had better not try that stunt with the dragon :wink:.

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These designs are incredible! I wish I were half as talented as you at digital illustration so that I could attempt to created designs as good as this.

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1 hour ago, AgentKallus of Hydra said:

If you ever do work for lego minifig design (you totally should I like that Trojan more than any real cmf :cry_happy:) you had better not try that stunt with the dragon :wink:.

Don't worry that's never going to happen. I'm not a professional designer..... but the double Dragon Suit thing would be deliciously evil lol

1 hour ago, Lyichir said:

These designs are incredible! I wish I were half as talented as you at digital illustration so that I could attempt to created designs as good as this.

Thanks :classic:

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Wow these are all so awesome! My favourite is the Beauty Spa Girl and the Statue! Also congrats on hitting 100+ creations :thumbup:

Edited by Ashnflash

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I'll pick where 8Brick left:


No way I'm falling for that horse trick again...

This rugged warrior was the one who guarded the gates of Troy, on that fateful day that ended the 10 years long siege of the Illion. And he was the one, who let the wooden horse built by Greeks into the city walls. After Troy was destroyed, he moved to other ancient towns and applied for the gatekeeper job. Eventually he got hired, and while trying to cope with remorse, and trying to atone for this one terrible mistake, he solemnly vowed not to let any wooden horse in. Now, wooden rabbits are a totally whole different thing...



Crossfitter is really crazed over that new fitness fad, that is crossfit. She likes to train her body in some abandoned warehouses with her friends, but even more, she prefers to talk about it. Seriously, most of her Facebrick feed are her exercise routines, selfies from crossfit meetings and tips on how to stay fit and healthy. She even puled her boyfriend, the Hipster into it!


TEN HUT! Focus boys, we have a game to win!

The Coach has led his soccer team to many victories, due to his ingenious tactics and clever manouvers that his boys perfectly execute on the field. He also knows how to keep the discipline and morale, after all, he not only is a seasoned sports veteran, but also an actual veteran, as he served for many years in army, that's where he really learned about the value of teamwork and good leadership. Even though he's sometimes really harsh, as he instills strict military drill during the training, he is still much beloved by his team, both as a trainer, and as a paternal figure of sorts...

Alien Explorer:

So, the Homo Sapiens actually has only one stomach? And they don't need Flabg'snawg glands to reproduce? Intriguing!

Despite his intimidating looks, and an ionic blaster he carries around, this intrepid extraterrestian is not a warrior by any means, but a scientist, an explorer researching other alien lifeforms from the deepest voids of space. Lately, he was leading an expedition to Milky Way Galaxy, and eventually, he wound up on Earth. And boy, isn't he fascinated in humans, from their rich history as a species, to their bizarre biology, to even more bizarre culture. At first he was like a fish out of water, but he made some friends who guided him, and showed his research team everything they needed to know about our planet.

Tribal Warrior

We are a peaceful tribe, and whoever thinks otherwise, will have his scalp hung on the ancestors' Totem!

The Tribal warrior is a fierce minifig. He honed his skills with a bow since as soon, as he grew out of his papoose, hunting buffalos with other warriors, and fighting with other tribes.  He really loves war, and any excuse is good for a fight. He also is very good at it, and to prove it he shows of his vast selection of scalps. Luckilly in Lego World scalping isn't as barbaric, since the hair pieces can be painlessly and easilly popped off a minifig's head...

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Looks like it's time to put my thinking cap on!

Dragon Suit Guy

"Not you again! Haven't you caused enough trouble already?!"

Nobody knew who the Dragon Suit Guy was until he put on the headpiece. Now, he patrols the small suburb where he lives as a sort of masked hero! Unfortunately there isn't much crime or disaster to be found in such a small, cozy place, so most of the time he's just treated as a kooky mascot. Lately, however, a stranger wearing a fiery-red version of the Dragon Suit Guy's suit has been making trouble for the neighborhood: tipping over trashcans, stranding cats up trees, and being really all-around frustrating. The Dragon Suit Guy better step up his game, 'cause it looks like he's got his very own nemesis...

Dark Ballerina

"How do I take my coffee? DARK"

The Dark Ballerina always performs at her best in the dark. To her, the dark symbolizes grace, beauty, and mystery--the most important elements of a ballet. She's always endeavoring to be at her darkest: eating black licorice, listening to dark, edgy music, and painting over all the lights in her dressing room--with black paint, of course. While you might think that this gives her a sort of uncanny atmosphere, her audience actually seems to like it a lot; mystery is quite alluring, you know.

Space Villainess

"Anything he can do, I can do better!"

You have NO IDEA how mad the Space Villainess was when she heard that the Space Villain rose to command the Blacktron fleet. Despite being in possession of all her appendages AND  over 14 more lightyears of experience, the Space Villainess was left in the dust once the Space Villain brought back that diamond from Bota Magna. Knowing that she was obviously the greatest leader this band of thieves and conquerors could ever hope for, the Space Villainess and a handful of stalwarts broke off to form their own criminal colony, attacking former allies and eternal enemies alike.


"Congratulations, you two!"

The Ringbearer knows that it's the most special day of his sister's life, so EVERYTHING must be perfect.  That's why he's spent all his free time practicing the perfect ring-bearing routine: the perfect walk, the perfect bow tie, and the perfect glimmering smile. His friends think that the amount of effort the Ringbearer puts into a 20-foot march is a bit weird, but that doesn't stop his eternal striving for total perfection.

Samba Dancer

"Samba, samba, samba!!"

When the maracas start to shake, and the guitar begins to sing its heavenly thrum, you will find the Samba Dancer, the picture of colorful vitality as she dances her beautiful dances. The Samba Dancer loves to Samba so much, she does it literally all the time, never ceasing her motions...or removing her festive fruit hat. It's gotten a bit awkward in places like the DMV or the movie theater, but she makes up for it with sheer entertainment value. No one can frown for long watching her dance!

Cotton Candy Vendor

"Cotton candy! Getcha cotton candy here!"

What could be better than sugar? COLORFUL sugar, of course! At least, that's what the Cotton Candy Vendor thinks. Cotton candy is pretty much his favorite food EVER, and he'd be content to munch on it all day. He's even been looking into saving up to get a Cotton Candy suit--they're all the rage these days. Sadly, he's still got a long way to go--any money he earns selling cotton candy is just used to buy MORE cotton candy!


And because @8BrickMario said it was okay, and this idea COULD NOT go to waste (your bios are really good, though!):

Clock Tower Guy ("non-canon")

"Would you like some more tea and biscuits with that, guv'nah?"

The Clock Tower Guy is obsessed with all things British. He cultivates the perfect moustache to go with his monocle, goes to all the conventions, watches all the best programs, and even owns a genuine British double-decker bus. It got to the point that a while back, he was having trouble trying to find even one more way to express his love of the old country. Until one day he saw a kid walking down the street in a rocket costume! The rest, as they say, is history, as the Clock Tower Guy immediately set about ordering the costume that became his trademark style.

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Another superb series! I like - strangely - the sculpture the most! Such a great idea, how come TLG never made one for CMF? Okay, the Statue of Liberty is somewhat similar. I like the Spa Girl and the Tribal Warrior very much as well.

The "rare dragon" is a good catch, but the odds are a little bit cruel to me. Maybe 80-20%? It is still far from 50-50%. I admit, it is not so cruel as the Mr. Gold campaign.

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As always, simply amazing work, Robert! I would totally LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have these guys in my collection. I *need* that Statue Guy, he's so cool! And the Alchemist, the Trojan, the Clocktower Guy, the Monster Boy the Dark Ballerina, and the Tribal Warrior are also favorites.

Seriously, Lego, if nothing else, buy these designs from him!!!

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Lovely new series! Fan of the dragons. And i would need both of them if they were real. Maybe instead of a recolor you could have made the design a bit more different on the red dragon. But the dragons are awesome! Statue is also the best. In a upcoming wave i foresee a madam statue :-)

clock tower man, ooooh i hope his face is doublesided and the backprint is a clock. 

Monsterboy is also a must. And the beauty spa girl as well. All the figs are good. This series would doing well if made in real world. 

Thanks again robert8 for sharing your designs with us.


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