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23 hours ago, Eggyslav said:

Wait, I'm confused, Is this guy celebrating Dia De Los Muertos (The sugar skull/Calavera shirt motive)?

It's just a mexican motive for the shirt :classic:

On 17/12/2016 at 9:04 PM, rob-ot5000 said:

Hmmmmmmmmmm. VERY interesting. I don't suppose you'd like to tell us which one? If you even know, that is :wink:

Now you have the answer! It was the Retro Spaceman!




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The next series must be coming up soon! My super secret source has told me to expect:

"Cowardly Cat Man"

"A Companion To Summer Coke" (I don't know what's up with that one.)

"A Man of Many Hats"

and "A Musician Type"

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On 09. februar 2017 at 2:40 AM, Ashnflash said:

Wow you honestly never cease to amaze me! These are amazing quality and thought put into every single figure. I think that you should post all the Series in your first post so that people can always go there to see them all! Keep up the incredible work! 

Yes please do that, I always go to your thread time to time to look at your beautiful minifigures and i am always searching the series and it takes me so long to look through the pages to find them. 

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Hello everyone!

Series F is here!

But first I'd like to thank everyone for your comments. I appreciate them a lot :classic: 

NOTE. I'm playing to be The LEGO Group here, so I'm taking the new pieces from Series A, B, C, D and E as already introduced pieces.




So, any reuse of any of these doesn't count as a new piece anymore.


And here we go!

Hope you'll like them! :classic:


With 16 all-new, special minifigures in Series F, the Minifigures Collection continues to grow. Each minifigure comes in a sealed ‘mystery’ bag with one or more accessories, display plate and collector’s booklet. Inspired by movies, history and just everyday life, this collection includes Homebound Man, Celtic Battler, Cartoon, Lion Suit Guy, Piñata Party Boy, Android Woman, Hat Maker, Winter Sprite, Spooky Knight, Police Officer, Egyptian Empress, Equestrienne, Evil Genie, Lacrosse Player, Minstrel and City Mayor.




1. Piñata Party Boy

Part assortment: New piñata piece. The Series 6 Sleepyhead hairpiece, A 4L bar. Short legs. Regular head and torso. 





2. Celtic Battler

Part assortment: The S14 Banshee hairpiece, the shield with stud piece, the long bow+arrow piece. Slope piece. Regular head and torso




3. Android Woman

Part assortment: New head mold. The teddy bear piece recolored as a robotic teddy bear. Regular torso and legs.




4. Lacrosse Player

Part assortment: New lacrosse stick head piece. A 4L bar. S4 Hockey Player's face guard piece and helmet. White stud as the ball. Regular head, torso and legs. 



5. Evil Genie

Part assortment: Sensei Wu's beard piece. General Magmar's ponytail piece. The lamp in black. The genie "tail" piece. Regular head and torso.



6. Homebound Man

Part assortment: New hairpiece with hole. New ice bag piece. The mug piece. A 1x1 round tile piece as a pill. Regular torso, head and legs.




7. Hat Maker

Part assortment: New teacup piece. The teapot piece. The Penguin's hat. The bow tie piece. Short legs. Regular head and torso.



8. Spooky Knight

Part assortment: New broken helmet. The battle axe piece. The shield piece. Regular head, torso and legs. 




9. Police Officer

Part assortment: New utiliy belt piece. Barbara Gordon's hat+hair combo. The walkie talkie piece. A 2x2 printed tile with a mugshot. Regular head, torso and legs. 




10. Equestrienne

Part assortment: The Team GB Horseback Rider hat+hair combo, the trophy piece. A 3L bar. Regular head, torso and legs.




11. Cartoon

Part assortment: New hairpiece. Regular head (double face), torso and legs. And extra double faced head




Extra pic!

All the Cartoon's faces




12. Winter Sprite

Part assortment: New hat+hair combo. New cloth skirt. 2 white technic balls as snow balls. Regular head, torso and legs.





13. City Mayor

Part assortment: The Penguin's hat. The key of the city. Alfred's coattails cloth piece. The mustache piece. Regular head, torso and legs.




14. Egyptian Empress

Part assortment: New headdress piece. New crook piece. The slope piece Regular head and torso. 




15. Minstrel

Part assortment: New lute piece. New hat+hairpiece. The short feather piece. Short cape. Regular head, torso and legs. 





16. Lion Suit Guy

Part assortment: New lion mask. The Giraffe Suit Guy tail piece (Series A). Regular head, torso and legs. 





For Series F the color is white!




Series F would introduce 15 new pieces: The police utility belt, the Cartoon's hairpiece, the teacup, the broken helmet, the Android Woman's head, the lion mask, the ice bag, the hairpiece with hole, the piñata piece, the lacrosse stick head piece, the Winter Sprite's hat + hair combo piece, the crook piece, the egyptian headdress, the lute piece and the Minstrel's hat+hair combo. It would also introduce a new cloth skirt for the Winter Sprite







Box Distribution (60 minifigures)



Well, that's it :laugh:

I'll try to post Series G soon! 

Don't forget to drop a comment! :classic:





SERIES E                                                                                                                                                               SERIES G

25828856358_f9ea7e8a35_n.jpg                                                                                            33580634194_ec95693e31_n.jpg


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Rob, this might be your best series YET! I shall list my favorites while simultaneously dibsing my bios:

Cartoon, Android Woman (Way to do a lady robot RIGHT, can I just say), Celtic Battler, Winter Sprite, Police Woman, Spooky Knight, Hatmaker, and Homebound man.

EDIT: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaitaminute... glad I picked the Policewoman :wink:

Edited by Nerd-with-a-Pencil

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Well, you did it again! Another great series! Celtic Battler, Hat Maker, Spooky Knight, Winter Sprite, Cartoon and Lion Suit Guy are the stand outs for me, but I also adore the Egyptian Empress, the Android Woman, the Mayor, and Evil Genie. The rest are also well done Really, a truly cool line up! 

I said it once, I'll say it again - Lego should really consider hiring you as a freelance designer!

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Probably my favorite series yet! :wub_drool: So many that I like a lot, but a few of my favorites are: Celtic Battler, Hat Maker, Spooky Knight, Equestrienne, Sprite, Egyptian Empress, and the Minstrel.
Keep up the fabulous work, really look forward to all of your series! :classic:

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Awesome!  I love the celtic battler, the homebound man, the cartoon, the winter sprite, the city mayor, and the minstrel the most!  But they're all fantastic! I'd love to see a group shot of all the figs up to series F! That would be cool! :)

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I love way too many of these to choose, but I love the Cartoon, Egyptian Empress, Android Woman, Evil Genie, Spooky Knight, Winter Sprite, and Hat Maker!

Edited by 8BrickMario

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Alrighty-roo, here's my bios:


"Gosh! Everything's so colorful 'round here!"

We all know the story of a lonely old artist who wished for companionship by the evening star. This time, there's a twist. Brought to life by the magic of the Genie, this Cartoon kid has a lot to learn about the real world. Mostly things to do with his temper. The Cartoon is a nice guy, but he's fairly hotheaded, and unfortunately for his antagonists, he hasn't quite figured out that if you ram a flesh-and-plastic minifigure into the ground with a mallet, they tend to get hurt. A lot. At least he knows that he did something wrong.

Android Woman

"Sir, I Fail To See How This Plasma Minigun Aids My Primary Function."

The Android Woman was built by the Robotics Engineer to help those who need it the most. Due to her programming, she believed this meant aiding those with disabilities or other problems. The Engineer, however, had a much more martial purpose in mind. Between the army-of-the-week over in Ninjago to countless alien invasions, it was clear that the world needed a protector, and the Robotics Engineer built one with more firepower than a platoon of Galaxy Patrol. Unfortunately, the Android Woman would rather volunteer at hospitals and dog shelters than protect the city. But the Robotics Engineer knows that one day, when the time comes, his masterpiece will save the world.

Celtic Battler

"The skirling of the pipes shall herald our victory!"

If there's one thing that the Celtic Battler knows about battle, it's this-- no one wins by following the rules. It's how she rose to prominence as a woman and a warrior, and it's how she's still in one piece (so to speak). Let's face it, when you're face to face with the biggest big-fig of a troll in the enemy army, a minifig-sized bow or sword won't do much, will it? So, instead she grabs the troll, and makes him her weapon. This pragmatism never ceases to impress her superiors and confound her enemies, and it's the prime reason for her flawless winning streak.

Winter Sprite

"Sigh. Isn't this just a winter wonderland?"

The Winter Sprite has the best job in the world. Starting every October (or May, for the other half), the Winter Sprite gathers up his materials, and zips around in the quiet hours of the dawn to paint beautiful pictures of frost, dump buckets of snow on every house, and make some school-age kids very happy indeed. Sometimes he even stays on into the daylight to enjoy his handiwork with the children. This makes them less happy, since he's always the best snowball fighter!

Police Woman


LEGO city has a police force the size of a small army. So why, exactly, is this one Police Woman the first to every crime scene EVERY TIME?! Seriously! The perp could grab a candy bar from a convenience store when no one is watching, and the Police Woman will be waiting for him in his own getaway car. At this point, half the force is convinced she has superpowers.

Spooky Knight...has been claimed by 8Brick.

Hat Maker

"Stay for tea? Why, I'd love to!"

The Hat Maker loves two things in life: tea, and making hats. Sadly, the chemicals involved in his millinery exploits have affected his brain, making him a bit crazy--don't worry, it's Space-Guy crazy, not Birthday Clown crazy. Most of the time these days the Hat Maker is away in his own little fantasyland, where cats vanish until only their tail is left, young girls hold tea parties with rabbits and mice, and evil queens clamor for the removal of her enemies'...legs. He's thinking about writing a book based on it.

Homebound Guy... has also been claimed.


Sorry for my petite catastrophe; I was not aware I posted before I was finished. 

Edited by Nerd-with-a-Pencil
I honestly don't know why I posted this early.

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@Nerd-with-a-Pencil Neat bios!  The Police Woman one seems to be missing?

You have a knack for making these bios fit the figs quite well!  One note: it would be more proper if the Celtic Battler spoke of the "skirling of the pipes" rather than the "ringing of the pipes". (As a piper, this stands out to me)

@Robert8 Great figs again!  I really like that minstrel!

Edited by Slegengr

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Forgive me if I'm infringing on the market, but here are my attempts:

Evil Genie

"That wish has dangerous go right ahead!"

The spiteful Evil Genie is frequently sealed inside his lamp for centuries at a time, and he gets pretty bitter about the imprisonment. Unfortunately for any unlucky Minifigure who comes across him, he encourages them to make wishes that are either dangerous to themselves, beneficial to him...or both! Luckily, the Evil Genie gets too caught up in his cruel fun, so the prospect of wishing him free is never reached before the three wishes are up. And so he returns to his lamp swearing to take revenge...until he forgets about it centuries later!

Spooky Knight

"Welcome to the castle! Prepare for terror...*sigh* it'll be $13, please."

The terrifying Spooky Knight used to be a menace upon the ancient castles, popping out and frightening brave heroes and distressed damsels for fun. He even managed to conquer a few kingdoms for his own, and earned much renown and glory for his conquests of feat. However, today, he works at a haunted house, entertaining paying customers who ask to be frightened for fun. Sure, he can spook people, and he does it well, but when his victims have to be carried out of the house by costumed monsters, it just isn't the same. 

Homebound Guy

"Sorry, boss...yeah, again. I know."

The poor Homebound Guy is always stricken with some sort of illness, which makes his life very difficult. He has limited contact with other Minifigures, he can't go to work, he has to take horrible medicines, and he's reduced to lying around all day doing nothing. But hey, it's not all bad. His mom always fawns on him, and he gets to spend the day watching reruns of his favorite shows. At least he's not the Clumsy Guy!

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1 hour ago, Nerd-with-a-Pencil said:

I finished my bios.:blush:

It's okay, 8BrickMario. Yours are better than what I had planned anyway. I can only hope Eggy agrees with me.

Yes, I do agree, in fact, since I have a little bit of Writer's Block, I think I'll pass my share of bios to you guys, I hope you won't be mad... NwaP, 8Brick, Gentlemen, I see I have worthy Successors, When I started writing bios for Roberts Minifigs (BTW, Great series bro!), I didn't realize I encouraged others to do so, it was a great fun. But, don't worry, as T-800 once said: I'll be back. ;)

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Pinata Party Boy

"A little to the left, you said?"

The Pinata Party Boy loves nothing more than parties, but when faced with the classic party tradition, he undergoes a moral dilemma. Sure, he loves candy, and nothing is more satisfying and fun than the shower-and-scramble that ensues with a successful burst, but does he really have to hurt that cute pony? He tries his hardest to prolong the game, but he can't pretend to aim wrongly for long, so most of his parties end with the pinata being opened delicately at the flap- everybody wins!

Hat Maker

"Have another cup of tea!"

The Hat Maker originates from a wild and strange world where everything seems to work upside-down. Besides the occasional royal court hearing and messenger work, the Hat Maker spends very little of his time actually hatting- he's most often occupied hosting confusing tea parties with his compatriots. The only problem is, he doesn't always get his guests right- the Bunny Suit Guy has been made to endure many a party under the Hat Maker's mistaken impression that he was the Crazy Rabbit. Ah, well. They all have fun in the end!


(sorry for inventing a character here)


Egyptian Empress

"Aren't I beautiful? Here's a hint: yes."

The vain and haughty Egyptian Empress likes nothing more than to celebrate her loveliness while allowing all royal responsibilities to fall to her husband, the Pharaoh. Sculptures of her adorn her court, and she has many paid loyal followers to tell her how wonderful she is. As she is the queen, she does exercise her royal prerogative from time to time...that is, whenever any foolish subject denies her natural splendor!



Edited by 8BrickMario

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Aw, Hell, I'll at least try one, for good old times sake:


If someone requests "Green Sleeves" again I Swear. To. God...

The Minstrel is the greatest bard in the whole kingdom, and he's not only just singing, but he also plays lute, writes poems, sonnets and ballads, and even once wrote some plays for the Actor, and played in duet with the piper (the folks say that really was a mesmerizing performance). A true renaissance minifig, he's always open minded for new challenges. Alas, though, his public most love him for his incredibly lyric interpretation of the classic "Green Sleeves", and always request that only song, completely ignoring his other works. As such, the Minstrels is getting pretty sick of that catchy, yet cliche medieval piece of music...

Edited by Eggyslav

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Thank you everyone for your kind comments. :blush:

@8BrickMario @Eggyslav Thank you for those bios. It means a lot to me

About the Piñata, maybe something like this would have been better?Image result for mexican piñata


 I'm glad you noticed the NWAP in the mugshot :classic: It's my way to say thank you for the time you spend writing those funny bios


9 hours ago, JGuy said:

Awesome!  I love the celtic battler, the homebound man, the cartoon, the winter sprite, the city mayor, and the minstrel the most!  But they're all fantastic! I'd love to see a group shot of all the figs up to series F! That would be cool! :)

I'll try it :classic:

Edited by Robert8

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(I made sure I wasn't treading on anyone's bios this time.)


"Just're not a bad guy, right?"

LEGO City is governed by the popular Mayor. He may be a bit old-fashioned, but he tries his hardest to keep up with the times and make his citizens happy. While he is mostly successful in this regard, he's been victim to crime many times over, yet he vows not to waste money on high-tech security. "Where's my connection to the people if I do that?" he says. His prized key to the city goes only to those he trusts...unfortunately, he's a very trusting man! Thank goodness for the LEGO City police force!

Edited by 8BrickMario

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Another amazing series! My favourite of course is the Hat Maker because the Mad Hatter is one of my favourite Batman villains! I really like the Android Woman! But I think my favourite aesthetically would have to be the cartoon! That's really awesome! 

Keep up the incredible work! 

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