Kodan Black

[O - F03] Space Madness

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Location: F03 Forring

Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Civil Building




The Aeolus recovered the Octan ship and were able to retrieve the pilot. Sadly the pilot wasn't in great shape. Physically he seemed relatively ok, but mentally he was struggling. As an executive of Octan I was quite concerned with his health and safety, Dr. Allison seemed interested in him as a test case. Based on logs we determined his name was Joel Zimmerman, however, all he would say is "Can you hear the screams?" The Farr-tes said it seemed likely that he had developed a minor case of Spontaneous Space Madness. They said that with some sedation and rest he would most likely be fine. Luckily they had human medical knowledge and a facility on planet that could help him. We have already been fortunate to have an alliance with them!


Extra Pics:




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Love the smooth yet blocky style of the ship. Very Octan. The large front and slick back reminds me of a trilobyte somewhat, which is cool! The story is nice (Kodan cares far more about the wellbeing of his employees than Dr. Long. :laugh: ) and the scenery is really nice. Simple and clean. I'd have covered the studs on the edge of the grate-plate, but that's a very minor nitpick. :blush:

Awesome work!

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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