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Cheesy DsCenes [MOC]

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I have started a Vignette collection for the DC Cinematic Universe, highlighting the cheesiest moments from the films.

I plan to add on to this collection as films come in the future.

First off is the scene from Man of Steel where Superman gets so mad that he snaps...Zod's neck.

26885944392_fd16bbe64b_c.jpgMan of Steel by Actor Builder, on Flickr

He ends up killing more innocent people with Zod's laser beam, just so he can break Zod's neck. Poor Zod. He was bred to protect Krypton. He thought Superman wouldn't be willing to kill innocent people in order to kill him, but he was wrong. Superman is a monster. Why Superman didn't just snap his neck the other direction, I have no idea. I guess the "S" isn't for Super. On his planet, it means Stupid.

Next up is this scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

I'll keep it in a spoiler tag until Suicide Squad comes out.

This is the scene where "Martha".

26706396000_fd20a58902_c.jpgBatman v Superman by Actor Builder, on Flickr

And then, somehow, everything's better.

I only made this one scene from the film, because the rest of it was just Wonder Woman checking emails.

I think this film should have been called Bruce Wayne Meets Clark Kent: Dawn of Martha.

And here is the two of them together because Technic pins are amazing:

26980049465_1bd88281f9_c.jpgBoth by Actor Builder, on Flickr

That's all for now. I'll probably make one for Suicide Squad, and then Wonder Woman, etc.

Comments and criticisms, puns and witticisms welcome!

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