[MOC] Mid-size Wall-E

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Guys I am back! Probably no one remember me after my long gone from my last, which is also my first post around :tongue:

It's me who built the Stark Tower last year:


First off I would like to thank everyone who enjoyed my last post and all the nice words, I should have given more response on that post, but I don't wanna feel like "pushing my own post up" after a year... Anyway, I finally got time now, so I would probably be more active in posting MOCs, both new ones and those I have not shared before.

This time, I have chosen one that is relatively new, built from last year, during the release of the amazing 21303 official set. I love the official set VERY VERY MUCH, but after all the budget taken by the two Super Heroes lines, there wasn't any left for me to get this adorable pal. Of course, one of the best thing about LEGO, is that you can build whatever you want, so like all the other AFOL would say: Let's build one ourselves!


This is probably one of my favourite MOCs of all times, I am not sure what do you guys think yet, but personally i LOVE the result. My favourite part of the official set, was those realistic eyes of Wall-E, that really give the model a spirit, so that's also where I started.


Then I thought, it wouldn't be as fun if it's just a small rendition of Wall-E that does nothing, after all, this character has been popular among the AFOLs for the past few years and there were already a lot marvelous takes on the characters, in all sort of sizes. Therefore, I decided that the belly must be able to be opened like the big one.


And if it can open the belly, why not also do the sliding and ball-joint arms, with movable fingers? :wink:


Of course, I would left the back of it without any detail as well, I mean, how can I?

With a single night of hard work, I made this satisfying MOC, the only thing I wished I could have improved, is to include the treads, but I simply don't have the pieces. What do you guys think about it? Comments & Criticism are welcome as usual! :classic:

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