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#14 - 2 points

#22 - 1 point

#33 - 1 point

#37 - 1 point

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There is much more sets I liked and would vote, but have only 5 to spend, so my chosen ones are:

#10 - 1 point

#22 - 1 point

#27 - 1 point

#32 - 1 point

#37 - 1 point

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damn you... :grin:

There are much more good entries than I thought. And among the last minute entries there are some that shakes my idea of which ones I'm going to vote.

Ok, my votes are:

#17 - 3 points (CM4Sci - Polar Explorers)

#27 - 1 point (Pakita - The City Zoo)

#33 - 1 point (legorevival - BRICKerature)

Comments on some entries:

#02: anothergol - The Crew

I'd really like a mecca LEGO theme, and this is very well realized. I'd really like to own some of these models.

#13: mc2k13 - LucasArts theme

Very interesting the idea of a whole diorama theme. Not much interested in the license to say the true, so it is not one of my top favourite. Maybe I would have appreciated something more original.

#16: Unijob - The Micro Classics!

This entry leaves me a bit puzzled. I think there is a bit of lack of originality (take the myghty micros superheroes theme and replace the models with something from other themes) but due to the great realization, this theme deserve to be mentioned. Very good work. Probably I would buy it.

#17: CM4Sci - Polar Explorers

This is my favourite: interesting idea, great presentation, excellent realization. Want it.

Surely the entry that more than any other appears ready to be an official LEGO theme. Great colour choice.

PS: I do not agree with those who compared the theme to Exo Knights, it is really different. If I should compare it to existing themes, I'd say it is a sort of mix among City and a Fantasy Castle.

#19: blueshift12 - Star Builders

I like this theme. Maybe because I love the neoclassic-space like design of the vehicles (there should be more Neo Classic Space in the world!), even if I'm not much interested in space construction specifically. I think that add one or two models would have make this entry more convincing.

#20: bacem - Earth Guardian Project

This is fascinating. The starting idea of a combo transformation is fantastic, and the first two models are very good realized. As I told to the author, the third model seems to me a bit out of theme. Probably more models like the first two (maybe with different combinations, for example one could have a 3in1 transformation (maybe in two different combinations), or some kind of asymmetrical transformation would have brought me to vote it.

#21: Eddie_Young - A Brief History of Toilets

Fantastic and funny idea. Little models, well realized. Very convincing. Love the last one model.

You should propose this theme on LEGO Ideas! :wink:

#23: marv - Secret Agents

Mentioned here because it is very well realized. Anyway it is another Agents theme, with the usual vehicles, usual plot... I'm looking for something more original.

#27: Pakita - The City Zoo

This is one of the themes that shakes my certainty about my vote. Ok, the zoo is not the more original of the ideas, but the realization is great. Love the modularity of the structure and love the single models. Sophisticated, but small enough to be saleable (as an exclusive set). Great work.

#33: legorevival - BRICKerature

Great great great idea! A diorama style theme with great personality. The realization is surely very good, but too sophisticated. It is very difficult that LEGO would realize a theme like this one (the models would be very expensive for a mainstream theme, and maybe there is not enough for an exclusive theme).

#36: Umbra-Manis - BioSound

Strange idea this one of a sound-related futuristic theme. I like the models, that's the real reason I mention it here.

PS: The suggested price of 50$ for the first set seems a bit hight for my taste! :grin:

PS: I remember a theme with some small ships and a finish/start line building where each set had a vehicle and a part of the building. What happened to it? I liked it! :grin:

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