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Excellent entries all around!

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There was some... er, how to say nicely... entries I didn't understand, didn't seem to me to fit the ideas of the original contest rules, "seriously, why?," lacking detail / very plain, and/or we already have/had that by LEGO or seen on LEGO ideas. But, I don't mean to be negative so I hope my comments help in a constructive criticism way...

Without looking at other votes, these standout to me:

Entry # 16 - 1 point: Sure, it's a riff on the mighty micros and LEGO's past sets, so is it original? Maybe not, but when it's this much fun for newbies and nostalgic LEGO fans, I don't quite care.

Entry # 26 - 1 point: Right on, I definitely think a homage to the themes you mention are overdue by LEGO. The possibility for the separate vehicles combining &/or "transformers" is very LEGO like and is creative. LEGO sometimes does this, but should explore it more. Very impressive digitally as well.

Entry # 27 - 1 point: Sure there are two zoo entries here, but this one gets the nod by me due to it being more zoo-like rather than farm-like and the modularity is LEGO like and promotes collection and expansion sorta in a LEGO Minecraft way that is clever.

Entry # 32 - 1 point: What can I say, LEGO City but "futurized" seems original to me. Just do all the normal LEGO City stuff, but explore time advancing it would be an interesting short term theme to try out the design space between LEGO City and the recurring sci-fi themes, and they could supplement the sci-fi themes as well. Picture this coming before or after Space Police 3 for example and maybe you'll see what I mean.

Entry # 37 - 1 point: I voted for this one, for raw untapped potential. I think this has a lot of promise to train fans who can't quite leap into the budget required? for LEGO trains, as well as the relatively uncommon microscale efforts by LEGO (microscale modulars, Star Wars micro builds, Minecraft micro biomes, etc). And if you really want to think outside the box, it could be expanded to LEGO micro cities and transportation....

Anyway, I am glad to see builders building and thank EB and LEGO for their support in this contest!

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