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Sir Stig

The Silver Scythe [FB1 May]

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Like the Winged Wisdom, this was made in january. They were intented for replacement for The Bright Owl, but she have survived longer than suspected.

She is also built on an unusual hull, and I have plans to set her up with sails, maybe something like this. I tried to focus on lines and cover studs to create a sleek looking vessel. My intentions was to build a 2F. I think my photography are slowly improving on some of the shots. Lighting helps a lot. Mental note: take more photos during spring and summer... C&C welcome.

Manuel Burro (See last picture) does not like to talk about his past. It is said he was a boson under Bloody Bill, but he will not confirm nor deny it if confronted with it. What matters now is that he commands the Silver Scythe, one of the fastest small vessels ever seen. It is rumored that it was built by a mad Oleon shipwright that delved with dark forces to get knowledge that could protect against Poseidons wrath. It is hard to say if it any truth to the tale, but she has proven her speed and agility running goods for many "independent contractors".

I forgot to remove the temporary sail test.


A tight stern.


Without mast.


Play features.


Possibillity for different set ups.




Experienced crew.


Ariah Bellafonte, Do it all: Soldier, sailmaker, gunner, singer, chef, you name it.

Manuel Burro, Although he often claims "I am but an ordinary man trying to make a living", he is the man in charge. Selecting crew, renting out his vessel and keeping an eye on the horizon.

Knows what to expect from the WGS, and what the WGS expects from you, he takes his job very seriously.

Gunnar Nelson, Gunshot specialist/Bombardier.

Had to learn the trade by himself through trial and error. Because the last captain did not understand the difference from the name Gunnar and the term gunner, he was ordered to gun duty. After he lost most of his hearing he finds tranquility in his job.

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Good job on that boat! Looks great! The storage unit is small but its big enough to store stuff! Also interesting design with that massive green sail in the back! Good job overall!

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Looks very good, tough the sail seems a bit weird to me. I like the storage room, and it's removability

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