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[Challenge4][catA] Kobayashi tower

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The powerful Kobayashi family have just finished construction of their luxurious hotel and apartment building.


The top building with surrounding park area is reserved for the family, their guests and VIPs.


As CEO of the Kawashita Group, Andromeda branch, Raven have gotten an apartment on one of the highest floors.

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg What? Top floor? That's the worst place to be if there is a disaster or attack. And it would take another minute every time I need to go out.

22878759315_ac7dedbe56_o.jpg You have gotten one of the most luxurious apartment on Orinshi and you are complaining. Don't you realize what a …

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Don't start with the “honor” stuff.

22878759315_ac7dedbe56_o.jpg I was going to say “privilege”.

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Sorry, I'm a bit worked up because of the separatist attack and I'm short on branch executives.

22878759315_ac7dedbe56_o.jpg Then you will be delighted to hear we are holding a hon, err... victory ceremony to celebrate our, um, victory.

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg I don't have time for this. There are damage reports to go thru, orders to give...

and so on

And on the way over to the honor victory ceremony

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Besides, I will hardly spend any time in the apartment. I am allways with the fleet.

22878759315_ac7dedbe56_o.jpg It would be rude to reject such a gift.

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg I'm just saying it will be empty most of the time. It would be of more use to someone... You know, tell them I accept this wonderfull gift and thank them for their kindnes.

22878759315_ac7dedbe56_o.jpg Well.. Okay (not ok-ey). You aren't just trying to get away from the ceremony, are you?

As they walk she start writing a message.

-You said you where looking for someplace to live in Andromeda. Well, I just got a solution...

An encryption and decryption later the message is read a galaxy away.

19784320124_88bf9d97dd_o.jpg Louise, we are going to see mom.

20413135681_3a0cbe3456_o.jpg Wheeeee

Some more pictures of the building.







The side




I used the Pythagorean triple 3,4,5 to angle the building. I meant to use 20,21,29 (with half studs) for a close to 45 degrees but it wouldn't fit.

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I love the creative use of headlight bricks.

Good to see Raven's family finally coming back together! Hopefully this won't end tragically ... :look:

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It looks very Asian and very unique and new at the same time. I love that it has a garden. What would a kawashita building be without a garden or a bonsai? Hope Raven can keep her family safe in Andromeda.

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This looks Asian, yet futuristic too :wub: Great use of those large curved parts for the roofline, and the entrance detailing is superb :classic:

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Absolutely stunning micro! :wub: The design of the top building is especially impressive, very clever use of parts there :thumbup:

Great shrubs along the path too :classic:

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