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Nuclear Waste Cars

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So right around the time Electrosteam started his Retro-Future Atomic Train topic; I saw a video online showing the operation of a nuclear waste transporting train here in the U.S.:

So I decided to get in on the nuclear Lego train fun by recreating one of the DODX (Department of Defense) nuclear waste train cars in Lego form... Or at least kind of recreating them. Re-watching the video now is making me want to redo the cars again to catch some finer details (although I doubt I'll get around to finding a way to get those crazy eight axle bogies under it!).

So here they are (apologizes if they don't show up for a while due to Brickshelf's slow moderating system...)



And here is the cutaway view revealing the prize inside... Yes I know that real nuclear waste is a dark dullish metallic gray color, but I decided the cartoon like Simpsons style trans-green glowing rods fits the more comical Lego world better than just a bunch of dark bley pieces!


Enjoy! If you want to see more nuclear train fun, go back here to see Electrosteam's topic:

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Cool. I think the U.K. has something similiar looking.

P.S. Brickshelf pictures don't have to be moderated before you can deeplink the pics here. Moderation is only needed when you want to put in the link to the Brickshelf folder and people to browse the folder content.

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