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[SR - FB2] the Dainty Sload Bar and Grill

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Saga of the Sea Rats, Volume 1: Piraat Rhys in Bastion

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Log Entry

12 April 616

Bastion, Nest of Thieves

Capt. Rhys Flaidd DeTaillefer

Boris has opened his own business in Bastion....and it's quickly become the place to be on a Friday (or any) night....


The Dainty Sload Bar and Grill on Flickr

He deftly built it up from the remains of an old wreck in the bay....a vessel once called "



Boris Kurylenko finds a new job, Bartender..... on Flickr

Crewman Calvin has elected to leave life on the seas to become Boris' new cook....


Calvin, Head Chef at the Dainty Sload.... on Flickr

Tayyib keeps order when things get rowdy....


Tayyib keep the peace..... on Flickr

The local tribesmen really enjoy getting their groove on...


Dancing Tribsmen... on Flickr

Even the swordsmen from the Brotherhood stop buy for a relaxing visit...


Even Brotherhood Masters enjoy a night out... on Flickr

It's a great place for folks to come together and share their latest projects and ideas....


An evening out with friends.... on Flickr

Anaïs arrived with her latest wonder.....the "Rifle Gun," which is far more accurate than our old Muskets....


Anaïs shows off her latest handiwork, the "Rifle." on Flickr

Pavel likes to write poetry....which Redbeard Snakeskull quite enjoys...


Pavel writes some poetry, Redbeard Snakeskull greets all.... on Flickr

Word must be getting we are seeing some new faces as of late...


Interesting stranger checks out the scene.... on Flickr

By far, the best (and most frequent) customer is Alois.....who can be counted on to provide interesting entertainment any day of the week....


Alois cutting loose.... on Flickr

Boris has certainly found his calling...


Boris is a natural when it comes to socializing.... on Flickr


Thanks for visiting!

Edited by Vedauwoo

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Great bar scene !

I like all the activity here and there...

And a good idea to use the hull piece of a ship for the roof !

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Great idea, and well executed! Using the ship hull is great. I love the minifig activity, especially the natives getting their groove on!

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Another great scene posted in the story line. So much interesting detail presented in your pictures.

Captain Redbeard Snakehead was an odd one though. :)

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This is indeed a place to be!! Excellent! It reminds me of my University city and its excellent beach- and pool- bars... And ofc i am glad to see Alois once again, partying like any reputable student should do!!!

The shark is a great detail too!

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I love the concept, and the execution is even better! The use of the boat-part is great, and the minifig-posing just awesome :thumbup: you created a lovely atmosphere!

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Now that is a piratey scene of my taste! The bow piece as roof woth all the marine vegetation on it looks wonderful. Like a pirate who got shipwrecked and decided to make the best out of his situation.

The grills are especially a nice detail.

And cheers for your impressive collection of rum bottles!

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