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[OL - FB3] Claiming New Lands

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Ahoy again,

Just leaving this little scene here, as it's needed for my next MOC. Plus, it will serve as a starting point for next month's expedition into the interior of 'The Trap'.

Claiming New Lands


Captain's Log, stardate April 29th, 616AE:

I've sent two of my men up the beach to gather some perimeter info. Meanwhile, the rest of the company has just finished transferring our equipment from the HRS Granoleon to the beaches. She's about to set sail again, back to Breshaun, and leave us here. We'll hopefully see her again in a month from now. Until then, we'll be on our own out here. But our orders are clear: We are to officially take possession of this island, which is commonly referred to as 'The Trap', and set up a base camp in shore sight. Once this is completed and secured, I will take my company of Royal Marines inland to find out what is and what isn't true about the rumors that some pirate has made this island his home. We are prepared to meet resistance, and I'm confident my men will prevail!

For Oleon!


Not much to say about this. The ship isn't new, and the ocean is a once more enlarged version of the one I've used before, and it only had LDD crash three times :grin: The rest isn't much larger than the picture is wide. Again, this is only meant as a start for something to be hopefully continued next month.

I hope, you can enjoy it a bit, anyway :classic:

Vive le Roi!

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Great choice of expressions for the minifigures. The vegetation looks really nice too and the ship off in the background is a great touch! :thumbup:

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Nice scene.

My curiosity is now itching me... I can't wait to see what will happen to your expedition.

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Very nice view! :classic:

Probably the first time I've seen a forced perspective MOC being done digitally.

Two suggestions for the background however: I would recommend making the structure of the background a bit more coarse, since the fine structure of the studs are getting aliased when the distance is that great, creating some weird patterns. I would also recommend considering introducing a bit of "out of focus" blur in the background to enhance the illusion of distance.

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