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Decided to design a droideka, though the Mk I seemed to be done a lot, the Mk II hasn't!



Like the Mk I the Mk II was still very vulnerable when it was moving, though when deployed it was far more lethal!

Not only difference in appearence compared to previous types, it had very different capabilities.

Being able to switch between high fire rate blaster cannons, and powerful ion cannons,

these droidekas where very capable in taking out both infantry and vehicles.

Still using a built in shield generator, made defeating these Droidekas very hard.


This is how it looks from the back


A size comparison to a B1 Battle droid

Not as impressive as some of my larger builds, but it looks a lot like the real thing.

And yes I know the "feet/claws" are quite off but these are temporary because the real ones couldn't be rendered.

And I "suspect" it is very well capable to roll up as a ball... kinda.

Please leave your thoughts down below.

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