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Jacob Nion

[The l'Olius Case] A Hero Harassed - Part II - Discovery

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In King's Port, two unlucky sailors of the former Eslandolan ship Queen of Terreli spend their miresable lifes being arrested in the harbour prison. Not that those two sailors were being cought while defending their ship against L'olius. Their defense was more about the ship's galley, and in this case defending means "hiding". But perhaps their misery will find an end by a mysterious hooded person on a highly classified mission appears...



spyava1.jpg Hey, you! You two! Poor souls sitting in this reeking lock-up. What if I told you there's a way out of this pit?

sailer2ava1.jpg There is a way, right there. The door, sir.

sailor1ava1.jpg Shut up, you pillock! He sure knows what a door is. That was a rhetological question! Aye, sir, we would do anything, I would do anything to get off of this morron.

spyava1.jpg Excellent. I hold the key to your liberty, and by key I mean literally the key for that door. There's only one small little thing I want you to do. You most certainly have heard

-even in your current dwelling- that the trial against L'Olius hast began. I want you to go to the courthouse, break into the chamber of evidences and replace L'Olius letter of

marque by this one. It is an almost perfect forgery- almost. Just false enough for the judges to detect, hehehe...

sailor1ava1.jpg Fine. Is marc a friend of L'olius?

spyava1.jpg What? No! It is mar-que, the letter is signed by the governor of Terraversa.

sailer2ava1.jpg I'm pretty sure the governor's name isn't marquez. More like-

spyava2.jpg Let it go! Ok? Just listen. It doesn't matter, the only thing you guys have to do is finding the letter that looks exactly like this one and swap them.

sailer2ava1.jpg "To Enrique d'escondido, most loyal servant of the Eslandolan Trade Company known as-"

spyava2.jpg Be quiet, for Hera's mercy!That was the wrong letter, give it back!

sailer2ava1.jpg So you're Enrique and working for-

spyava2.jpg Stop talking you morron! My name is classified! Forget about that, take the goddamn key and go swap the letter, will you?

sailor1ava1.jpg No worries Senor classified. The job's as good as done.

Later, in the chamber of evidences...


sailor1ava1.jpg 'aight. There like a thousand letters! Where do we start searching.

sailer2ava1.jpg May it's that one, under the pineapple on top of this ridiculous high stacked up pile of evidences.

sailor1ava1.jpg And why should it be exactly this special single letter on top of that ridiculous high stacked pile of evidences, you jerk?

sailor2ava2.jpg 'don't know. But if you search things, better first look at places where you look at last. 'Cause things you're searching for are always at the place you look at last.

sailor1ava1.jpg Ehhh...yeah, makes sense..I guess. Aight, climb up and check it.


sailer2ava1.jpg Aye, boss. What d'you think why there's a pineapple?

sailor1ava1.jpg Because it's an evidence, idiot! Now hurry and get your bricks up there! The Mardier scum ain't be far off.

And indeed, on the floor right outside of this very chamber two Mardierans meet each other...


marcellusava1.jpg Wait! Who's there?

horatioava.jpg A friend to this ground, and liegeman to the Mardierans.

marcellusava1.jpg Welcome, good Horatio!

horatioava.jpg Holla, Marcellus! Have you had quiet guard?

marcellusava1.jpg Not a mouse stirring. Say, good friend, what's thy business at my watch?

horatioava.jpg 'Tis a letter that hath lain long now in this chamber, under thy diligent eyes.

sailor1ava2.jpg Ouch! Damnit bloody pineapple!

marcellusava2.jpg Methinks I heareth a yond clamour.

horatioava.jpg 'Tmust come from the Evidence's room!

marcellusava2.jpg Something's rotten in the state of Mardier.


marcellusava2.jpg Stay, scoundrel, speak: what is thy matter with this pineapple?

sailor2ava2.jpg I've got the letter! But it's not from marquez, boss. Maybe next one.


And the whole build:


Edited by Jacob Nion

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Hilarious! And a great build as well!

The way the building sits on the beach is really good, and of course the stone work is great! Another detail that really catches my eye is the brick built cannon. The way the evidence chamber is included under the prison section is also very clever.

Lastly I'd like to comment on the Mardierian guards. I guess one of the advantages of fleshies is you can effectively use yellow as a clothing colour, and in this case it looks really great.

All over a great build that I shall be carefully studying for ideas for some time to come!

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Are Mardier ready to face Eslandola at the trial? 'No worries Senor classified. The job's as good as done.'

And with a build like this one, can there be any chance they won't win their case? 'That was a rhetological question!'

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Great! The story is marvellous, and only getting better!

I really like your style of building, as seen in the above build, and the way you combined the two builds is just fantastic. :thumbup:

By the way, I love your helbard. Can I borrow that technique?

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Really like the texturing you've got here Jacob, the various archways are great and so is the water! Great job cramming so many scenes on to this vig too with the underground section! I wish you a joyful second place! pirate_laugh2.gif

The clutter in the office is great. Looks just like what I envision all Mardier offices to be. pirate_laugh_new.gif

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That's an evil looking harbour

Very fine build though! The prison window is brilliant and the clutter in the evidence room is great.

Wonder how the teddy bear and meat cleaver are connected, but I guess that's from a different story pirate_laugh_new.gif

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Love the dialogue in this story pir_laugh2.gif Superb dungeon area with the run down stone walls, and low barred window thumbup.gif

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I doubt SeƱor Classified is very happy with his newly recruited agents... :P :D

Very amusing, Jacob, and great build to go with it, as always. The exterior is a tad too textured for my tastes, but I can appreciate the skill and technique put into it. The details and composition is just great.

My favourite picture is the one with the guards busting in, just as the "smarter Eslandian" is falling down from the stack of evidence - very clever posing with that detached leg! :D

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Excellent design !

I like this build, particularly the cell lightly below the street level and that nice little tower...

Just great !

And the story is hilarious !

Good job !

I have to admit that the Mardier side is more likely to win !

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pir_laugh2.gifpirate_laugh2.gif Very funny story, JN, and excellent build as well! The cage and, well, the other cage, are great, and the cluttered office looks very nice as well - though I am wondering how the Mardierians ever find anything either! pirate_laugh_new.gif I do agree with Bregir that overall the exterior could use a few less studs, but very nice job for all that! pirate_wink.gif

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Great wall design, the grill in the wall looks nice, minfig posing and presentation are just great. Definitely the best entry to the challenge in my opinion.

My favourite part is how the interior scene looks really full and crowded with stuff. Often Lego interior scenes just look empty and all cleaned up, yours looks realistic. I love it.

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