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[Review] 75127 Ghost +video

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I am happy that my dear woman is not patient. Unable to wait for my response over a week before the birthday gave me a Lego bricks. Of course this is a set of 42127 Ghost, with this year's series Microfighters. Thank you for the toy :)

This is another model based on the animated series Star Wars: Rebels. It happened I watched just the pilot episode of the first season called "Rebelion Spark." It's nice that in this episode, we can see Hera Syndulla and piloted by her the Ghost. Series is evidently intended for children, although older can like, because it is done professionally. For me it is too childish

Series: Star Wars, Microfighters Series 3, Rebels

Released: 2016

Set: 75127

Pcs: 104

Minifigs: 1

PPP: 0,01 $

Model weight: 0,064 kg

Set weight: 0,108 kg

Alternative build: no

Price: £8.99 / $9.99 / 9.99€ / 39,99 zł

Parts lists:

- Bricklink

- Brickset


Box has a standard size for this subseries or 14 cm x 12 cm x 4.5 cm, and weighs less than 110 grams. The center of the front is the big picture of the finished The Ghost put into motion. It is located somewhere in space in a short distance from the planet Lothal. It is fired by visible at a considerable distance TIE Fighters. Apart from this scene we can see the logos: Lego, Star Wars, Disney, Microfighters and information that the model belongs to the third series of Microfighters.

On the reverse side of the box main point of the program it is also a big picture model Ghost, here already chased by his antagonist of couple which is 75128 TIE Advanced Prototype. The smaller picture shows the possibility of firing blaster on round plates. At the bottom graphic shows all six models this year's series.

One of the long sides traditionally represents one of the items in the scale of 1: 1. This time we see minifig Hera Syndulla.




Inside filled almost entirely cardboard we find:

- Two unnumbered bags of bricks

- Folded in half instruction





Instruction consists of 32 pages glued on the spine. Besides the construction process, which consists of 29 steps, contains a list of parts and ads: Lego Club and this year's series Microfighters.




Only one of the bricks comes in new colour:


553c - Added on Trans-Clear Brick, Round 2 x 2 Dome Top - Hollow Stud with Bottom Axle Holder x Shape + Orientation - 1 pc

The set is equipped with a minifigurkę Syndulla Hera, which was used by the TLG for the second time - earlier the Ghost model, but on a larger scale - 75053 The Ghost of 2014. Hera has a unique headgear - gray scarf, with protruding hair curls (or antennae - hard to tell) and printed goggles. Green head is printed on both sides - with a cheerful and focused expression. Brownish orange torso is also a double-sided printed and with orange legs looks very nice.


Finished model

The process of building the model is simple, just like the previous models in the series. Toy construction takes a few minutes.

Finished model with spare parts.








By far the little money we get into the hands of a hundred-piece set with a nice model. Micro-ghost refers to his original, which is endowed with a lot of details. Despite this toy is nice and went to stand next to the monitor with AT-DP [/ url] and Wookiee Gunship [/ url].


+ cheap set

+ couple of parts to collection

+ unique minifig


- Folded instructions

Hi res photos - flickr.


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Nice review- I'm surprised you went to such extent of coverage all on one small set (completed model images, speed build etc) but its a pleasant surprise and much appreciated! :classic:

I hadn't realised the head piece on the figure was quite so detailed before either, although its a shame the orange on the torso hasnt come out brilliantly, as per usual when printing on dark torsos. Since they now dual mold parts to avoid this sort of problem, I wonder if they'll develop a method for torsos sometime...

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