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This topic will be used to announce future rule updates and/or clarifications that all BoBS members should be aware of. The new rules or clarifications will of course be added to their appropriate topic as well.

If you wish to discuss a new update or have any questions, please use the Introduction and Starting Thread.

To kick things off, here is our first announcement:

Property Size Rule Clarification:

Sizes on property charts are guidelines only. We do not expect you to build squares, nor do we expect you to hit the exact limit and we allow for a pretty broad range of leeway. But of course, if we notice that a builder has built a MOC that is noticeably below his or her average, we reserve the right to reject builds or ask the builder to make changes.

So for an example:


Let's say you want to build a Large Residence. A substantially sized 40x40 would fit the bill, but a 32x32, even if it were five stories tall, obviously comes a lot closer to being a Medium, and you would be expected to license it as such. On the other hand, if you wanted to build a huge 64x64 mansion, that fits into the Large category as well.

Unlimited Property Size Rule Update:

Properties that say unlimited actually have a 100x100 minimum (that is, 10,000 studs in any orientation). However, these can be group projects with multiple builders collaborating to reach the large footprint.

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It has been brought to our attention that the rules are perhaps somewhat skewed in favor of the imperial factions and against pirates. For this reason, the following changes are being enacted:

Sea Rat Prices Rule Update:

Sea Rats will now have, besides 50% off land licenses:

  • 30% off ships
  • 30% off raising troops
  • 50% off troop upkeep

However, they will no longer have the automatic 3 faction warships (but they will continue to keep the two three they still have, until those are lost).


Independent Contractors Rule Update:

  • Sea rats can call upon an independent contractor for help with a piratical mission.
  • At the cost of 1/5th of the profit, a Sea Rat can hire a randomly rolled 1-3A vessel to tag along.
  • For 3/5ths of the profit, a Sea Rat can hire a randomly rolled 4A-5HA vessel to tag along.
  • Independent contractor ships may be used as escorts or predators.
  • All players sailing in conjunction with an independent contractor must give up 1/5 or 3/5s of their share (as applicable).

These rules go into effect May 1st.

Edited by MKJoshA
Fixed the ship # for you

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Procedure for Vessels Captured by Unknown:

  • If your vessel has been captured by a ship that has struck its colors and is labelled in the Kings Port Advertiser as "Unknown," you may post a build that throws blame on some NPC privateer (this could be a MRCA result build).
  • Subsequently, a disinterested leader will determine by the roll of a die (1/3 favorable probability) whether or not your build is accurate.
  • If the roll is favorable, you will proceed to a build-off with the implicated nation.
  • The build off will not occur until the month after the MRCA results in which your vessel has been captured have been published.
  • To take advantage of this possibility, your build casting blame must occur in the same month of the capture (i.e. if the MRCA was the February MRCA, your build must occur in March, and the build-off, if applicable, will occur in April).


Property Up-licensing:

We apologize for any inconvenience, but property up-licensing is too complicated within the automation system and will no longer be permissible.

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Plantation Sizes Update:

Large Plantations now have a guideline size of 80x80, while Royal Plantations, unlike other unlimited sizes, have a minimum of 128x128.

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A slight change has been made to the town bank rules:

Town Bank:

  • Every property built within a settlement gives the town bank 5 DB per month.
  • A settlement will also receive 5 DB per month for every property in its hinterland (area surrounding the city).
  • These DBs do not come out of the owner’s pocket.
  • When a settlement is successfully raided the bank pays the raiding sum.
  • Half of the bank's total funds are available for public projects each month; leftover money from that 50% will be saved. The mayor may allocate these funds towards public works, buildings, festivals, building initiatives, paid positions, defense, taxes to the faction government, troop maintenance, etc.
  • The other half of the funds accumulate until the settlement is raided, at which time they may be seized as booty depending upon the roll of the dice.

Example: New Belson holds town status. It's town bank has 150 DBs each month. It was successfully raided and 30% was deducted from the bank, leaving 100DBs. The mayor may allocate 50DBs (50%) toward public projects. The other 50DBs were left to accumulate for a future booty stash.

In this case, the mayor spent 20DBs on a festival, leaving 30DBs for next month. So next month, New Belson starts with 180DBS (provided no extra properties have been added. This means that next month the town bank will divide the 180 DBs between "Public Projects" and "Booty Stash."

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 Anyone is welcome to host a mini-challenge. However, to avoid too much overlap, we ask that you coordinate timing with leadership.

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Revised limits on licensing properties:

A builder can now license three pieces of property per month, regardless of location. This replaces the old rule that said you could only license one piece of property per month in two locations, or three properties per month in one location.

Prospecting scenes are still not defined as properties - mines are, as only those are listed in the 'Types of Properties' section.


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There have been some changes regarding properties in the EGS, so make sure to check out the By Land thread!

1) The rules regarding fortresses have been changed. The goal was a more intuitive system, which allows for more diverse defense strategies. Bottom line: No more upgrade requirements, no more settlement size minimum to build certain fort sizes and numbers, only a total number of forts allowed depending on settlement size... but upkeep is to be paid for all forts except those excluded below from March on!

  • The exemption list ( the original NPC forts of each nation)
    • Eslandola:
      • Nova Terreli - one royal fortress
      • Bardo - two large fortresses
      • Weelond - two large fortresses
    • Oleon:
      • Breshaun - two large fortresses
      • Eltina - two large fortresses
    • Corrington:
      • Airlinsport - two large fortresses
    • Sea Rats:
      • Bastion - two large fortresses
  • In order to ease the transition, forts that are no longer wanted can be decommissioned for 100% of their construction costs (DB go to the current owner) until the March MCRA deadline (Mar. 5th). This includes the starting fortresses. Forts that are to remain where they are but require a change of owner, should be listed by the faction leaders, so we can handle the necessary adjustments in a coordinated fashion behind the scenes.

2) The old 'license two properties per month in two locations, or three in one' rule has been replaced with a 'flat three' solution. So you can license three properties in whatever settlement you want. And prospecting scenes are still not defined as properties - mines are, as only those are listed in the 'Types of Properties' section.

3) Changes have also been made regarding the influence of properties on settlements.

4) And the whole thread has been cleaned up a bit.

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There have been some changes regarding faction income in BoBS - from now on it's gonna be harder for them to make money as taxes don't come out of thin air any longer, but instead really have to be collected by the factions if they need the money - thus reducing the income of their citizens:

  • the 20 % free tax has been removed,
  • the 50 % license kickback has been removed.

This system has been replaced with an adjustable tax and license fee rate per faction.

Each month factions can adjust the following rates as they deem fit:

  • Build Submittal Tax,
  • Property License Fees,
  • License Yield Tax,
  • Ship License Fees,
  • Challenge Income Tax,
  • MRCA Income Tax.

Ask your local leaders for more info on your faction's taxation plans!

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New Ship Classes


The long-anticipated new ship classes are finally here, along with some changes made regarding ship upkeep and other things, among them the rules concerning sistershipping.

Make sure to check out all of it in the About Ships thread!

Major changes:

  • Classes now stretch from 0 to 10 (the classes 0 to 5 remain unchanged), covering all the naval spectrum for you to make use of - time to roll out the big guns!
  • Ship stats aren't fix anymore - instead you can (almost completely) freely distribute a total sum of points (the higher the class the more points you get) among the ship characteristics, which are now also streamlined for easier understanding and calculation.
  • Upkeep and ship levels (total number of ships allowed) are now separated. Owning larger and more ships will be significantly more expensive than it used to be.
  • Sistershipping will effectively be limited - the details are still in the making - but most likely to a certain number of ships, and requires a vignette build. We hope to emphasize the building aspect of BoBS, yet try to keep the delicate balance with the game element on the other side.

Regarding the transition procedure, read here.

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  • Builds in the old world can now be licensed. (If they otherwise meet the requirements for licensing) They will earn 20 % less revenue, as the old world is less risky, and will not affect trade value or town banks. When licensing, simply state the country where it is located. (No city)
  • Corrington will, goign forward, earn 10 % more on factories, and pay 10 % less for licensing them. The educational bonus was thought too narrow, and the science of Corrington presumeably spills over to more effective production. The educational bonus stays unchanged.

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License limits

1. There are no restrictions on how many builds a player may submit each month.

2. Each month, a maximum of four properties built by any individual player may be licensed in the EGS, regardless of the licensing entity*.

3. These four builds may be licensed at any location, however only three properties from the same player may be licensed in any single location per month.

4. The fourth build licensed by a player in a month must be part of a collaboration (either build or story-wise) with another player / other players.

5. Micro build ‘prizes’ awarded by leadership and builds towards Royal Collaborations do not count towards individual licence totals or location quotas.

* 'Entity' includes individual player accounts, settlements and trade companies.

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With increased interest in building armies -- as raiding now provides something players can actually do with soldiers -- long-discussed limits for recruiting troops have now been made official.

There is a limit to how many soldiers can be "recruited" (i.e., purchased and MOC'd) from a settlement during any MRCA period, based on the settlement's level:

Hamlet:          can't recruit troops
Town:             10 men per MRCA
Large Town:   30 men per MRCA
City:                60 men per MRCA
Large City:      90 men per MRCA
Grand City:   180 men per MRCA
Capital City:  270 men per MRCA

Note that all troop purchases, as well as movement of troops from one location to another, are done through use of the updated troop form. All existing troops will be grandfathered in without impacting current raising limits, but players still need to fill out the new form so that we know where the location of all existing troops.

Also, as a reminder, here are the costs for recruiting troops. Note that there is a slight discount to raising more at a time, but the upkeep is always 6DBs per MRCA per 10 men (always rounded up)

Platoon: 30DB | 10 Men | Upkeep 6DB / MRCA
Company: 80DB | 30 Men | Upkeep 18DB / MRCA
Battalion: 220DB | 90 Men | Upkeep 54DB / MRCA
Regiment 600DB | 270 Men | Upkeep 162DB / MRCA
Division: 1700DB | 810 Men | Upkeep 486DB / MRCA
Army 4500DB | 2430 Men | Upkeep 1458DB / MRCA

(If you wish to discuss this update or have any questions, please use the BoBS Era II Intro Thread.)

Also, remember that a MOC is required with the purchase of troops.

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This should have been done earlier, but here are the raid rules as previously announced:


The Trade MRCA now has a new feature: RAIDS.

When you fill out the Trade MRCA form, instead of going on a trade run, you have the option to raid a port. (Note: Old World ports on the continent cannot be raided.) If the raid is successful, you get a minimum of 50% of the DBs from the town bank.

To conduct a raid, your ships must win a battle with the port's defenses (i.e., forts and troops).

For the defender, all forts have standard ratings for firepower, "hull" strength (their walls), and troops (measured in "crew" units). The stats of all of a settlement's forts are added together, and the strength of any militia and/or troops stationed there are also added in. Standard fort stats can be found here (scroll down to the “Forts” section). Every additional 5 soldiers add 1 crew unit to the total. All three stats (firepower, hull, and crew) are used in resolving the battle.

For the attacker, the firepower, hull, and crew ratings of all the ships in the squadron are added together. You may add troops to your raiding ships to increase your crew rating for the raid. For every point of cargo capacity plus the ship's class rating, a ship may carry 5 soldiers (5 soldiers = 1 crew point). For example, a class 3 ship with a cargo capacity of 4 could carry 35 soldiers (7 additional crew points).

Getting there and back

The attacker's ships have to actually make it to the port, and they must also plan for their escape. So...

- When filling out the MRCA form, the attacker must plan a route that not only takes his or her ships to the zone of the target, but also gets them away to a safe port. (This is similar to ships that patrol for prey in the MRCA and return to their original port.)

- In addition to the MRCA zones the ships will sail through, the attacker must also state the port to attack and the final port they will run to after the raid.

- Also, the attacker's ships have to survive any encounters at sea they might have on their way to the target. Since an attacker might want to call off a raid if they suffer too many losses prior to reaching the target, there is a place on the raid form where the attacker can list the minimum number of ships levels that must be present in his/her fleet to follow through with the attack. If they abort the attack, the ships will just go their final destination without attempting the raid.


Attacking soldiers that are lost as a result of sea engagements or combat are removed from the game. Defending soldiers that are lost are automatically replaced.

If the attacker does not have enough transport capacity on his ships (due to ships lost during the raid), excess soldiers are left behind, surrender, and are removed from the game.

If a defender's fort is damaged, a repair cost will be charged to the owner (similar to increased maintenance costs for damaged ships). If the fort is destroyed, a vignette to show it being rebuilt must be posted before the fort is functional again. (Think of this as sistershipping the fort.)

At the conclusion of a successful raid, the attacker may receive additional DBs from the town bank (beyond the minimum 50% haul) depending on how many raiders survive to loot and plunder the settlement.

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A small update to the black flag rules for Sea Rats.

Henceforth, Sea Rat vessels flying the black flag will be free of upkeep. The crews of pirate and smuggler vessels join at their own risk for a share of profits, rather than wages. (And OOC we wanted to boost sea rat piracy a bit)

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The leadership is presently in a cycle of discussions/revisions regarding Sea Rats and player piracy in general.  This has produced the following three rules that come into effect as of today:



Loot: Sea Rats are always managing to scrounge up valuable bits to sell for a coin or two. Upon capture, Sea Rats receive 20 DBs per cargo point of the captured ship as loot. Players from other factions do not gain any value for a capture beyond the ship itself. This replaces previous looting rules.

Upkeep: The black flag pirate crews of the Sea Rats often find provisions and supplies by... alternative means. Sea Rats pay no upkeep for black-flagged ships. 

Prize Court: All un-MOC'd ships captured by NPC Pirates and Black Flag players can now be condemned (i.e. sold) to the Prize Court for a value of 50%-75% of their regular license value.  The rules for non-black flag players selling to the prize court remains unchanged.


Note that a second set of changes are still being worked on to complete this revision cycle.

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New hideout options for black flag vessels to stay hidden in secret in the tmrca.


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Just a quick reminder/clarification for those planning on recruiting armies: troops can only be recruited at a given settlement once per MRCA turn, and a MOC (more than just minifigs on a baseplate) is required for that settlement's troop recruitment. Also remember that there is a limit to the number of soldiers that can be recruited at a settlement each MRCA turn (details above).

Edit: The write-up for the MOC should clearly state the quantity of troops and the location of recruitment.

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And since I don't see a link to the Black Flag rules in this thread, here's a link to them. Note that in addition to the conditions listed in that original post, any ship committing an act of piracy that leaves surviving witnesses to testify will be treated as a black flag ship going forward.

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We are currently working on implementing a number of rule adjustments to help combat inflation. These adjustments focus on settlement and property rules (particularly regarding forts and royal builds). The biggest effects most players will experience is a slowing of their property income, and increased expense to sistership lost ships. Here is a full list of the adjustments:

'Royal' / Great Properties

1. Ownership of Royal properties will now be limited to factions, settlements and charted organisations. Royal Palaces (residences) are exempt from this rule and may be licensed by individual players. The five current players who own Royal (non-residential) properties will be contacted via separate correspondence. 

2. The income from Royal properties will be reduced to 100DB per MRCA turn. Income from Royal residences will remained unchanged at 15DB per MRCA turn.

3. Royal properties will now increase settlement values by 10 points (previously only 5).

4. To increase a settlement in size to 'City' at least one Royal Property is now required. To increase to 'Large City' two are required. To increase 'Grand City' three are required. To increase to 'Capital City' five are required. (Note: existing cities will keep their current size despite the number of royals, but cannot progress to the next level without meeting the requirement of that level. Cities effected by this ruling are listed in the spoiler below)

Other incentives for building Royal properties are being considered and will be introduced in due course.

Forts and Troops.

1. The faction starting forts now require upkeep to be paid. (ES = 4 large and 1 royal, OL = 4 large, COR = 2 large, SR = 2 large)

2. Fort maintenance costs will increase to 50DB for a small fort, 100DB for a medium, 200DB for a large, 600DB for a Royal per turn.


1. Property income will now only be paid each MRCA turn rather than monthly.

2. Mayoral pay will be eliminated.

3. The 'Town Bank' will be eliminated from the game. Properties will now no longer automatically contribute money to a 'Town Bank'. Settlements must now find other ways for financing expenses. In the case of a successful raid, funds will now be deducted from faction and not settlement accounts.

4. Sister-shiping costs will be doubled. eg. You will now pay double the original license fee for that class to sister ship.

As some of these changes will require substantial modification of the accounts system, they may take some time to implement - changes will not be instantaneous!  The goal is to have them fully implemented before the next MRCA turn.


The following settlements do not meet the modified 'Royal' property requirements. These settlements will not be able to advance to the next level until requirements have been meet.

- Arlinsport (needs x1 Royal)

- Mesabi Landing (needs x2 Royals)

- Weelond (needs x1 Royal)

- Charlatan Bay (needs x1 Royal)


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A small addendum to the rules on fort upkeep:

Due to the special status of Bastion as the capital of the Sea Rats, who have no old world capital to retreat to, the three large forts of Bastion will henceforth be upkeep free.

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