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[M - E01] Progress Report

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Location: E02 Donwarr

Tags: Spaceship, Building (Spaceship interior), Spying

Mantis Science Vessel Horizon, Materials processing lab.


DrF2_zpsjqfcdrbx.jpg "How's it looking Jane?"


JH_zpsmcrskxcy.jpg"The mix looks fine from up here, the molten awesomnium and mithril are blending nicely."

DrF2_zpsjqfcdrbx.jpg "Ok, lets take another extrusion."


stevens_zpsqanry2bc.jpg “Analysing.... it's no good; the lattice is still wrong."

DrF2_zpsjqfcdrbx.jpg "Dammit. Computer, log mix 34 sequence 5 a failure."


"Incoming transmission...."

DrF2_zpsjqfcdrbx.jpg "Send it through."

Keynes_zps7emvqgtn.jpg “Doctor! Where is Moose? And why has there been no progress with finding the missing ship. I sent you the GATE equipped drone you requested over a month ago. We need results dammit!

DrF2_zpsjqfcdrbx.jpg "Sir, replicating the alloy used in the Octan GATE drive is more difficult than we anticipated. Our experimental efforts so far have failed so Moose is going to see if we can't find out another way."

Mantis Gunship MG Chimera


moospy_zpsps9nkne4.jpg "C'mon B3, find us a target, their fleet is bugging out of the system; we don't have much time."

B3_zpsdc7eh43e.jpg "Sir, Suitable contact found. Transponder pings as the factory ship OCS Merchandise."

moospy_zpsps9nkne4.jpg "Show me."


moospy_zpsps9nkne4.jpg "That will do nicely, moving to intercept."


Some time later aboard Octan Factory Ship, OCS Merchandise, Refinery Deck 7


Zzzzzaaapppp! Zzzzzzaaapppp!


moospy_zpsps9nkne4.jpg "Sleep well Octan drones. B3 get in here."


moospy_zpsps9nkne4.jpg "Access the terminal and see if you can find the data we need."

"Yes Sir."


B3_zpsdc7eh43e.jpg"Sir, I've found the data. The solution appears to be manufacturing the alloy in zero gravity. The 1g conditions in our lab prevent the desired crystal growth."

moospy_zpsps9nkne4.jpg "Good work, squirt the data direct to the Horizon. Doc are you seeing this?"


DrF2_zpsjqfcdrbx.jpg "Yes, thanks Moose, this is exactly the break we needed. And it was so simple after all; just remove the artificial gravity."

stevens_zpsqanry2bc.jpg “Computer, deactivate artificial gravity."




Finally back after a few weeks absence; alloying imaginary metals is hard!

The chimera started off as a very loose MANTIS-ification of the Wookie Gunship Microfighter- the wing design certainly owe's its inspiration to that set.

Bonus shot of the Chimera:


And the Merchandise:


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